Author: 吕天逸

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Status: Completed (15 chapters)




[An explanation about the front cover——

Hi everyone, isn’t this front cover amazing?

It’s awesome, isn’t it!

That’s right, the characters on the front cover were written by this author by holding the pen in his mouth…writing using your mouth is really difficult!!!! After accidentally turning into a dog, composing messages to humans by mouth is really hard!!! Especially when it comes to those idiots who are unable to understand what you’re trying to do and keep attempting to snatch the pen away from you!!

So, please be careful not to become a cat, a dog, or some random animal]

Below is a very magnificent official narrative—


When Su Cheng woke up, he found that he had become the male god’s pet toy poodle….

His original body was slumped over the computer desk, in deep sleep.

Su Cheng realised that before his original body died from starvation, he needs to rescue himself….

An even more miserable matter is, the male god wants to neuter Su Cheng’s dog body…


Table of Content:


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