Bark!? 13

Bark!? 13

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 13 – Do you know what I wished for that day?]

Su Cheng couldn’t endure anymore. Uncaring of what others would think, he laughed out loud. Using his fingers, he rubbed at the remaining warmth left by Lin Xu on his lips.

He was so so happy that it felt surreal.

“…… You laughed so foolishly.” Lin Xu commented with a doting tone of voice.

Su Cheng’s face immediately stiffened as he glowered at Lin Xu: ……

This bastard, does he even feel love?!

We just started our relationship; then shouldn’t he passionately pledge his undying love with sweet words? Huh?

Lin Xu stared continuously at Su Cheng, taking note of every single change of expression. He said, “Ever since I knew you were the neighbour who lived opposite me, every morning I would purposely choose the time when you were going out to buy breakfast to go for my morning run so that I could meet you downstairs……were you aware of it?”

Su Cheng suddenly realised that the meetings were planned on purpose by Lin Xu: “I was wondering why I saw you practically every day!”

Ever since Su Cheng found out by chance that if he went downstairs to buy breakfast at around 7 am, there was the possibility of running into male god when he went out for his morning run, even if it was difficult, he would struggle to wake up at 6:30 to wash his face, brush his teeth and comb his hair, dressing smartly before going downstairs to buy steamed buns.

After that, at some place, whether it be the steamed bun shop’s entrance, the apartment building’s entrance, neighbourhood flower terrace, the corridor…… he would coincidentally meet male god who was dressed in sports attire, preparing to go for his morning jog and saying hello.

Three, two, one…… shoulders back, chest out! Head up! Smile!

“Good morning, going for a run?” Su Cheng who brimming with vitality and holding his steamed buns, directed a brilliant smile at Lin Xu.

His eyes curved in an adorable arc, slightly dimpling, causing people to be unable to resist reaching out to touch them.

Oh oh oh it’s coming, it’s coming!

“En, good morning.” the corner of Lin Xu’s mouth showed a faintly discernible curve, his gaze sweeping past Su Cheng indifferently.

The silhouette of his side profile was cold and handsome, causing people to not dare to approach him.

And then, the two of them part ways.

After that, Su Cheng as per usual, carries the steam buns home, finishing his breakfast in two to three bites. He then contentedly takes off his clothes, crawling back into his quilt and going back to sleep……

Because he really hates waking up at the crack of dawn!

As the saying goes, he who wakes up early, yawns all day long![1]

“Why do you think the two of us always came across each other every day without fail? Su ‘Little’ Cheng held his chin as he wondered, “actually if we were careless and late by a few minutes we wouldn’t have met each other……it’s simply too coincidental.”

“Coincidental?” Lin Xu issues a snort of laughter, “That’s because every morning I’m behind the door, paying attention to your every move. It’s only when you come out that I do as well, you little dummy[2].”

“Youyouyou……” Su Cheng’s level of amazement was no less than if he’d seen a comet hit the earth.

“What?” Lin Xu raised an eyebrow.

Su Cheng couldn’t help but imagine the appearance of the aloof, handsome male god, every morning fully dressed and pressed up against the door, secretly watching him through the peephole……

Su Cheng, asking for trouble, collapsed onto the bed letting out a loud burst of laughter.

“What are you laughing at?” Lin Xu tugged off the quilt, throwing himself onto Su Cheng and pressing him down beneath him.

“I’m not laughing, ahahahaha!” Su Cheng waved his hand while laughing so hard that tears were threatening to come out.

Lin Xu also laughed, reaching his hands into the quilt to tickle Su Cheng: “I’ll make you laugh. I’ll make you laugh until you’re satisfied.”

The two tussled for a while, Su Cheng giggling until he was gasping for breath. A pair of bright, moist eyes looked at Lin Xu. After staring for a moment, suddenly arms wrapped around his neck, causing the quilt to slide off and completely pressing Lin Xu on top of Su Cheng.

In the room, the sound of breaths rising and falling successively could be heard, like waves surging beneath the moonlight.

“Let’s talk about you.” Lin Xu breathed lightly, directly against Su Cheng’s ear.

“About me?” Su Cheng felt ticklish, trying to draw back.

“Yes.” Lin Xu’s tone was gentle and soft, naturally replying, “About how much you like me, how you were secretly harbouring a crush on me, or about how you were up all night thinking about me.”

Su Cheng’s face turned red: “I was never up all night thinking about you!”

……This shameless person!

Lin Xu sighed disappointedly, saying: “So I was the only one who couldn’t sleep at night?”

The top of Su Cheng’s head was emitting smoke, he quickly changed his previous words: “Actually I was also unable to sleep.”

“Haha.” Lin Xu laughed loudly.

Su Cheng turned his body away, burrowing into the quilt, feeling a deep sense of security.

Soon after, Su Cheng glanced at the toy poodle still lying unconscious next to him. Licking his lips, he said: “Should we kiss again? Just to make sure……”

“Sure.” Lin Xu happily complied, quickly kissing Su Cheng.

“If……I stay like this for the rest of my life, what should I do?” Su Cheng was worried, gripping onto the material of Lin Xu’s pyjamas, near his stomach.

Lin Xu winked happily: “Don’t worry. If that happens, then we only have to never be apart, kissing every few minutes and there won’t be any problems.”

Su Cheng: ……

And you’re still telling me not to worry. Young hero[3], your heart is really big!

Su Cheng’s feelings towards Lin Xu have always been very simple.

From the first time he saw the neighbour that had just moved in across from him, he already could not resist taking a second look.

After a long time, he slowly understood the other party’s habits and the fantasies in his head started getting out of control.

—— A person who persistently jogs is really admirable, he has perseverance and willpower. All his running shoes are white in colour, he’s definitely a person who likes cleanliness……I also like being clean! We’re simply a perfect match!

Thinking like this, Su Cheng excitedly rolled about on the bed.

He has several dogs.

—— Men who keep pets are the cutest! Caring, meticulous and gentle. Furthermore, so many dogs and all of them are toy poodles, this proves that male god……likes toy poodles! Such an important discovery!

Thinking this way, Su Cheng noted it down on his laptop, “male god is fond of toy poodles”.

He’s never brought a person home with him before.

—Ohhhhhhhhh male god must be single? He must be single! I’ve got a chance!

Thinking this way, Su Cheng was so elated that his whole face was red. After jumping around like an idiot in his room for a moment without caring what others thought, he panicked and went to his laptop to continue writing.

What kind of person is he actually?

Bit by bit, from the minor details observed and miserably few clues, he strove to reason out the conclusions, one by one. He repeatedly agonized over each item, groping about in his mind to assemble a complete profile.

Any person secretly in love, is also a great detective.

But even though he was so deeply in love, Su Cheng’s type of love, was always only becoming ever closer to yearning.

Because it was too ethereal, it could not descend to the ground[4]. So every sentence of ‘love’ carried the tone of worship and self-mocking.

After all, it was an impossible thing.

Until that evening.

That day, Su Cheng had just finished his dinner and gone to the public square near his house for a stroll.

This public square had a beautifully designed wishing fountain. There was a strange legend surrounding this wishing fountain, for example so and so had made a wish and it had come true, however listening to it they were all unreliable rumours. Su Cheng recalled that when he was in middle school, these rumours were quite popular for a while. But it seems like nobody brings it up anymore nowadays.


And that day when Su Cheng spotted Lin Xu, he was with six dogs on the leash, standing in front of the fountain. Firstly, he wished that from the fountain a god would appear for a moment, and then he used his other hand that was not carrying anything to throw a coin into the fountain.

Su Cheng: ……

Male god actually believed in such things.

Unexpectedly cute, huh.

After throwing the coin, Lin Xu earnestly closed his eyes and put his palms together for a moment.

The evening’s sunlight caused the public square to be bathed in beautiful warmth. Lin Xu’s profile cast a long ink-black shadow against the warm orange flagstones. The six toy poodles were misbehaving, and straining against their leashes wanting to run. They caused Lin Xu’s left hand to be thrown up and down, making it impossible for him to put his palms together properly.

The corner of Lin Xu’s mouth held a little hint of a helpless smile. His countenance, which was ordinarily so beautiful that it appeared somewhat sharp and cold seemed in that instant to be softened by the sunshine. The curve of the corner of his eyes together with the lighting were both just as soft.

Standing nearby with his hands shoved into his pockets, Su Cheng was wandering aimlessly. In this manner he halted his steps and quietly watched Lin Xu make a wish.

This person.

It seems like I’ve really fallen in love with him.

Su Cheng gazed at Lin Xu’s side profile, foolishly laughing a little. The evening sun lighted up his dimples, making them appear exceedingly sweet.

“It’s possible that it was from that moment that I resolutely, seriously fell in love with you.” Said Su Cheng, the corners of his eyes tingling, “previously I also liked you, but I just felt that it was better to hold myself back. After all, it was possible that I didn’t have much hope……but suddenly that day, for some inexplicable reason, I couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Su Cheng.” Lin Xu’s voice repeatedly pounded on his eardrums, clear and warm, “Do you know what I wished for that day?”

Su Cheng shook his head. And then nodded his head.

“That you would fall in love with me, like how I was in love with you.” The sound of Lin Xu’s voice seemed to carry magic, “that was my wish.”




[1] Lit. Wake up early, muddle-headed the entire day

[2] Lit. Small silly egg, an affectionate insult like how you would call your friend idiot or potato

[3] 少侠 – wuxia term, roughly translated as young hero. Skilled martial artists who are righteous

[4] 因为太缥缈,落不到地上 – Something along the lines of how there is mist but it never condenses into rain.

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