Bark!? 09

Bark!? 09

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 9 – How to quickly remove the smell of fart in the air]

The two faced each other for a moment.

Lin Xu did not say a single word. Lifting his hand, he closed the laptop.

And then Su Cheng opened his mouth wide, taking deep breaths while jumping about, attempting to quickly disperse rotten smell in the air.

Both also felt embarrassed.

However, the level of Su Cheng’s embarrassment was probably a hundred times that of Lin Xu’s.

Su Cheng wildly fanned the fart-filled air, his heart full of mixed feelings, both joy and sorrow.

Joy because it looked like male god really also secretly liked him in return.

Sorrow because even though his dreams came true against the odds and male god felt the same way — he had turned into a dog!

Furthermore, it was a dog that couldn’t go three seconds without pooping, peeing or farting……

There’s no way for him to immediately reach a HE with male god and then rapidly get intimate.[1]

“Oh, right.” Lin Xu suddenly opened his mouth, breaking the silence, seemingly trying to alleviate the awkward atmosphere. “Are you hungry? You haven’t eaten anything from this morning.”

Su Cheng, with great difficulty, looked at him. He shook his head slowly.

Originally, he was very hungry, but a moment ago, he’d just sucked in a bellyful of fart.

So right now he doesn’t feel like eating anything.

Lin Xu, seeing him shake his head, immediately said: “Not dog food, I’ll make something else for you to eat.”

Su Cheng: ……

Even if it’s something else, I don’t feel like eating……

However, Lin Xu was already walking quickly out of the bedroom as he said those words.

It appears that he was not urgently going to make Su Cheng something to eat, but instead he was feeling suffocated.

Su Cheng laid upside-down on the chair, paralysed by despair. His heart hurt so much he was incapable of words.

……The male god who reciprocated my secret crush was actually scared away by my fart.

After being heartbroken for a few seconds, Su Cheng jumped down onto the ground and ran to the kitchen.

Lin Xu opened the freezer and squatted down, pulling out the bottom compartment.

Su Cheng moved closer to take a look, the section was fully packed with marinated chicken drumsticks wrapped up in cling film……

Lin Xu took out one piece, simply washing it with water, removing the cling film and putting it on a plate. He then put it into the microwave, pressing down on the defrost button. With a practiced hand, he then pulled out the baking tray from the oven, covering it with a layer of tinfoil and greasing it with a layer of oil while waiting for the oven to heat up.

Su Cheng watched male god with astonishment.

……What the hell is this, a chicken leg fanatic?

Li Xu folded his arms in front of his chest, standing in front of the oven, checking on the state of the chicken leg with the air of an important chef.

Su Cheng became a little foolish.

Because he remembered that Lin Xu seemed like a person who didn’t know how to cook.

Based on Su Cheng’s observations, when Lin Xu was at home on leave, from morning to night, all his three meals were delivered. The rubbish bin at his front door was also always filled with takeaway containers from various kinds of fast food restaurants.

Which was why……

The other day Su Cheng made his best dish, sweet and sour spareribs and yuxiang eggplant, and a large amount of rice. Using three containers to separate the food, he apprehensively knocked on Lin Xu’s door.

Lin Xu’s face appeared behind the door, seeing that it was Su Cheng, he was a little startled.

Su Cheng’s face was very red as he stammered: “I made, made two types of dishes……made too much, I can’t finish it by myself……do you want to……try it?

His voice grew softer and softer until it was almost inaudible at the end.

“Thank you, it smells really good,” Lin Xu took the two proffered containers. Smiling, he said: “How about we eat together?”

“O……okay.” Su Cheng was so happy, he felt like the ground beneath him was exploding. Entering Lin Xu’s house door, he felt as if he was in a dream, being able to eat the food that he made together with Lin Xu.

On that day, Su Cheng discovered that Lin Xu’s house didn’t contain even a single pot. It was obvious that this young master did not cook.

Therefore, from that day onwards, whenever Su Cheng had free time, he would make some home cooked dishes that he was good at and go and knock on Lin Xu’s door……

It’s strange.

Toy poodle Su Cheng tilted his head, watching Lin Xu.

Didn’t male god not know how to cook? How is it that his motions when making roast chicken seem so smooth?

Lin Xu lowered his head, aiming a glance at Su Cheng. Immediately after, he took out his phone from his pocket and pressed rapidly on the screen. Moving closer, he turned the screen towards Su Cheng.

Su Cheng stared at it, that was his Weibo post from last week.

The time was in the wee hours of the morning. Su Cheng, who had stayed up all night writing, was both tired and hungry. He went onto Weibo and posted —— “Whenever it’s the middle of the night, I’d crave for roast chicken, the entire skin golden and crispy, with sauce permeating the meat. Biting down on it, the meat is fresh, tender and juicy, smooth and delicious, the fragrance so overwhelming that it feels like your tongue is about to melt……ahhhhhh, I wish someone would send me a roasted chicken leg! Then I’d be able to continue writing another 10,000 words!”

The picture attached below, was that of a plate overflowing with roasted chicken legs.

“Do you understand now?” Lin Xu shook his phone, his eyes were smiling, full of mischief.

Su Cheng: ……

I understand.

Ultimately useless[2].



[1] 上肉 – I’m not that sure but since ‘meat’ in context of danmei usually refers to the smutty bits…..

[2] 然并卵

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4 thoughts on “Bark!? 09

    1. I think LX had practiced many time to roast the drumstick as been describe and posted by SC (there are too many marinated chicken leg to be called fanatic by SC). Here, I get a feeling he is boasting and flirting at the same time with SC.

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    2. Nana is right. Basically he can only make that one dish because of the post SC made on weibo saying he wished he could eat it (and so he practiced in case he had the chance to cook it for him in the future)

      Liked by 2 people

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