Bark!? 08

Bark!? 08

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 8 – Deeply moving]

A relaxed Su Cheng walked back towards the bedroom door, intending to continue updating.

Male god is really a kind and gentlemanly person……Su Cheng thought. Even though there was still a slight feeling of shame, but his girlish heart was still uncontrollable, going doki doki.

Right as he was thinking this, from the bedroom issued the faint sounds of someone laughing wildly.

Lin Xu: “Hahahahahahahaha!”

Su Cheng: ……

Fuck! The reason this asshole had turned and left quickly was so that he could hide in the bedroom and laugh!

“Woof woof woof!” Su Cheng barked angrily, scratching at the door with his paws. The sounds of laughter in the bedroom abruptly stopped.

The door opened. Lin Xu stood behind the door, his face expressionless, nodding his head at Su Cheng. He then sat back down in front of the computer. While skimming over the webpage, he announced with a solemn tone: “With regards to your situation, I haven’t found any useful reference on the Internet. …… Do you have any clues?”

Su Cheng: ……

Earlier weren’t you laughing very happily, you bastard!

Stop pretending, I’ve already seen your real face!

Lin Xu turned around, looked at him and asked him in all seriousness: “Do you?”

Su Cheng bared a mouthful of teeth, shaking his head: “Woof!”

My ass!

“Recently did you do anything out of the ordinary? Or meet anyone strange?” Lin Xu pondered, one hand propping up his chin.

Su Cheng continued shaking his head.

Lin Xu again said: “Perhaps… something to do with dogs? Recently did you come in contact with dogs?”

As before, Su Cheng shook his head.

He did not keep any dogs, especially these few days he was rushing out his manuscript, and did not go out much. He only went to the nearby public square yesterday to find some inspiration after finishing his dinner and sat next to the fountain for a moment, tossing the spare change in his trouser pocket into it. But he definitely did not come across any dogs.

“That is also completely lacking in any clues.” Lin Xu worriedly tugged at his hair.

“Wu……” Su Cheng was also a little frustrated. He threw his head back, jumped onto the chair and continued typing.

Writing novels was Su Cheng’s way of getting rid of unhappiness. Ever since he was in middle school, he’d loved writing. He enjoyed creating heart-warming stories, every time he saw his own works he would feel very delighted. All the negativity would disappear.

Lin Xu crossed his arms, sitting beside him.

Suddenly, he edged closer. Su Cheng saw from the corner of his eyes that he was leaning over and quickly lifted his paw to close the laptop.

Not letting you see!

“Su Cheng.” However, Lin Xu was only raising his hand to stroke Su Cheng’s head. His tone of voice was very tender and comforting, “Don’t worry, you definitely will be able to change back.”

Su Cheng was unable to resist wagging his tail, giving out a soft ‘woof’.

Lin Xu sighed: “Moreover, in the worst-case scenario, if you are truly, truly unable to change back……”

Su Cheng tensed up, opening his little black eyes and looking at him.

Lin Xu picked Su Cheng up and hugged him to his chest, rubbing his chin against the soft hairs on the top of Su Cheng’s head: “If that is the case then, I will take care of you for the rest of your life.”

Su Cheng’s nose was pressed against Lin Xu’s chest, breathing in his clean scent, reminiscent of the grass after rain.

……I really don’t want you to take care of me for the rest of my life, okay.

“But that’s impossible.” Lin Xu put Su Cheng back onto the chair. He smiled slightly, consoling Su Cheng, “Because you’ll definitely transform back.”

Su Cheng silently nodded his head. The rims of his eyes felt hot, he felt a little like crying.

“Which is to say,” Lin Xu suddenly switched the topic of conversation, “Did you wipe your butt earlier?”

Su Cheng was flabbergasted: ???

What the bloody hell are you talking about!

Isn’t this nonsense! Why don’t you explain to me how a dog can wipe its butt!

Can you just leave a way out for my love[1]?

Su Cheng pretended not to understand, keeping his mouth shut. He stiffly opened his notebook, intending to continue.

The silence of a fan[2].

Lin Xu laughed softly, turning back to his computer.

Su Cheng: ……

Male god is a through and through black-bellied person. Evil.

While typing, Su Cheng was pondering a question.

——Does male god know that the author he likes is me?

Actually, to be liked by male god should originally be an exceptionally happy circumstance, but the problem is that the novel that was currently being published was entirely the result of his sexual fantasies about Lin Xu.

This is really too bloody awkward.

The more Su Cheng thought about it, the more embarrassed he felt. He wished he could just ram his head into the computer screen and kill himself.

Actually, considering it carefully, Lin Xu might not necessarily know that I’m the author ah…..Su Cheng thought.

When he published his novels, he didn’t use his real name. Even though in the novel, the content was quite obviously sexually fantasizing about Lin Xu, but based on logic, the possibility that the author was someone else who’s secretly in love with Lin Xu was also quite big.

Moreover, Su Cheng was relatively low-key, he had almost never posted any pictures (of himself) on Weibo[3].


But there was still that one time……

Because Su Cheng had never tried to hide his gender, so there were some demented black powder[4] fans frequently kicking up a fuss over the question of his gender. They concocted various theories, such as “XX author is actually a little meizi[5] purposely pretending to be a man writing danmei, using the hype to expand their fanbase on social networks”, and other such rumours.

There was one time where Su Cheng was pestered so much he couldn’t take it. He took a selfie and posted it on Weibo as proof of his gender.

That was the only time he showed his face. Furthermore, he’d deleted it in 24 hours.

Thinking up till here, suddenly Su Cheng got a fright!

It could not be that so coincidentally this picture was seen by Lin Xu, right……

Hahaha how could there be such a coincidence, it’s not like this is a novel.

Su Cheng was so deep in thought, he carelessly slanted his head and saw Lin Xu.

Lin Xu was no longer looking at the computer.

He was leaning against the back of the chair, his hands crossed over his chest. His head was drooping, he appeared to be thinking about matters.

His side profile when seriously reflecting was elegant and calm.

The webpage on his computer had already been closed, the desktop could now be seen.

The desktop……

Earlier when Su Cheng used male god’s computer to open Word, the web page was open and Word was in the taskbar at the bottom, easily opened with a single click……

That’s right, today is Su Cheng’s first time seeing male god’s desktop.

And the desktop’s wallpaper……

was unexpectedly, precisely that thing which survived only 24 hours, Su Cheng’s selfie!

Su Cheng: ……

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh male god is using my selfie as his desktop wallpaper ahhhhhhhhh!

Su Cheng was so shocked that his entire doggy body was trembling. On the spot, he let out a distinct, unhurried, deeply moving……fart.

Lin Xu turned his head with a whoosh, his expression so complicated that it could not be explained.

Su Cheng: ……

FML! this toy poodle body have bad digestion or what!!!



[1] Which means could you stop wrecking my image of you, male god because you’re killing my love

[2] 迷之沉默 Not sure. Probably referring to the fact that LX is SC’s fan

[3] If you’ve been reading Chinese novels you probably already know what Weibo is. It’s the equivalent of FB or Twitter in China, both of which are blocked there.

[4] Anti-fans

[5] Little sister, used to refer to young girls on the net

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14 thoughts on “Bark!? 08

  1. Ahahahahaha he’s absolutely screwed. LX definitely knew Su Cheng was the author of the web novel, even before this happened. That means,,, LX absolutely acted all suave and cool to Su Cheng XD

    Liked by 15 people

  2. This novel is precious haha

    I was feeling sweet one moment with the seldom “awww….cute cliche moment” only to be ruined by these cleverly inserted funny scenes…..hahaha

    Liked by 7 people

  3. Such roller coaster ride! One moment I am feeling sorry for SC due to LX black-bellied act, one moment screaming so cute so cute so cute when both stealing glances of another, then awww when LX comforting SC that he’ll return back to normal then………..

    “Su Cheng was so shocked that his entire doggy body was trembling. On the spot, he let out a distinct, unhurried, deeply moving……fart.”

    I-am-dead!!! LOL

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