Bark!? 03

Bark!? 03

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 3 – He actually sunk so low as to vie for favour against dogs……]

….Now isn’t the time to be a love struck fool! Su Cheng was only momentarily excited. After regaining his senses, his round, black bean eyes were filled with deep satisfaction.

Because there was one thing Su Cheng wasn’t certain of, which was the current condition of his original body right now.

The first possibility was that his and the toy poodle’s soul had been swapped.

That was really too scary, okay!

Su Cheng imagined his body taken over by the toy poodle. He imagined it in his room, humping everything: – the heater, the bed, the wall, the refrigerator….

The second possibility was that he was having an out-of-body experience, if that was so then his body was probably still lying on top of the computer table, merely in a vegetative state.

…..Wait a moment, what “merely” ah!

Su Cheng couldn’t help but imagine again, the tragic scene of his body lying unconscious on top of the computer table and slowly starving to death. How male god, after half a month of always smelling the nasty odour emitted from his opposite neighbour’s house, would get annoyed and make a police report, and finally, how he would see Su Cheng’s dead body, wearing strawberry-patterned shorts with flies hovering around him as the policeman uncle carried it out, while he himself had become a dog eunuch….

That’s right, little Su Cheng, who had a large hole in his brain, had in a single moment, imagined what would happen in half a month’s time and thus, managed to scare himself silly as well!

The expressions on the dog’s face kept changing, amazingly varied

“Su Cheng.” Lin Xu patted Su Cheng’s doggy head, asking in a deeply concerned manner, “Today, are you feeling unwell?”

Su Cheng: ???

Oh my god, I haven’t even had the time to do anything but Lin Xu actually already discovered my true identity!?

Damn it, worthy of being my male god! His insight is at this level, practically the Sherlock Holmes of the modern era, okay!

“From the moment you woke up, you’ve been acting strange. Earlier, you also weren’t willing to eat the dog food….” Lin Xu stretched out his hand and rubbed Su Cheng’s doggy stomach while thinking aloud, “Your stomach is uncomfortable? Or did you catch a cold?”

Su Cheng: …

Wait a minute, it seems like male god is still talking to the dog.

It can’t be….

“Su Cheng, good boy, Master will feed you.” Lin Xu carried Su Cheng over to the food bowl, kindly stroking Su Cheng’s doggy head and scooping up some dog food towards Su Cheng’s mouth.

Su Cheng: “Woof!”

Heavens ah, (Mother) Earth ah, male god named his dog after me!!!

This is fucking embarrassing![1]

Su Cheng was so shocked that his mind went blank. As if sleepwalking, he opened his mouth and ate the dog food.

Unexpectedly, it actually tasted quite good.

Maybe because he was currently using the toy poodle’s tongue to taste the food, the experience was different from when he was a human.

Su Cheng’s feelings were complicated beyond description.

He remembered that he had never caused male god to get angry before. In the few, ordinary, times that they came into contact, his expression was always very polite and prudent. By right Lin Xu wouldn’t go so far as to detest him….

Giving a dog his name like that….

Su Cheng was silent for a moment, then suddenly barked as if he’d gone mad: “Woof woof woof woof woof woof!!!”

Could it be that male god was also secretly in love with me ahhhhhh!

Even though he felt like he still couldn’t believe it, he was dizzy from the impact of this possibility! The top priority right now was to immediately make known his identity and then have a HE with male god!

“Exactly what is the matter…?” Lin Xu was startled when Su Cheng suddenly barked. He thought for a moment, setting Su Cheng down on the floor and walking into the bedroom. He sat at the table and turned on the computer, and typing into the search engine: “What to do when your toy poodle is suddenly moody and irritable.”

This was a good opportunity to write some words.

Su Cheng lowered his head. In front of him was a water bowl meant for small dogs to drink from. Inside, around half the water still remained.

Su Cheng laughed gleefully inside his mind, dipping his right paw into the water. Standing on his three other legs, he swiftly wrote two large characters “Su Cheng” on the floor. He then ran into the bedroom, biting on Lin Xu’s trouser leg and dragging him towards the words.

“Stop making trouble, stop making trouble….tch.” Lin Xu had no choice but to get up and follow Su Cheng. He wondered to himself, “Why is the floor all wet?”

Su Cheng looked very proud of himself: “Woof!”

You should look properly!


Right at this critical moment….

The other five toy poodles suddenly rushed at lightning speed across the floor where he’d written the words!

Su Cheng: !!!

Lin Xu was nearly driven mad. He brought the automatic cleaning robot from the bedroom, put it on the floor, and pressed the start button.

The other five toy poodles stood triumphantly to one side, looking at Su Cheng.

“Earlier what was he doing on the floor?”

“Who knows, must have been sucking up to Master again.”

“Tch, ever since he came, Master never hugs any of us to sleep anymore.”


“Fuck him!”

Su Cheng, who was dumbstruck: …

What the fuck, this palace intrigue, it’s a misconception, isn’t it?

“Su Cheng, be good, stop being mischievous.” Lin Xu crouched down, very gently rubbing Su Cheng’s doggy head.

Upon seeing this, the five other toy poodles also crowded around, asking to be petted on the head.

Lin Xu laughed and stroked their heads one by one.

Those five toy poodles were still full of schemes, pushing Su Cheng aside.

Su Cheng’s heart was suddenly full of desolation, as if he had grown older by a number of years in an instant: ….

He never thought that in his lifetime, he would actually sink so low as to have to vie for favour against dogs….



[1] This is a meme/slang on the internet:

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8 thoughts on “Bark!? 03

    1. Personally, I wasn’t really into this novel even though I love dogs 😂 It’s why I took so long to finish translating it – I think I started 6 months ago or something.

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  1. Omg!!! The other five has me dying… Their response every time: “Fucker!” “Fuck him!” Kek… they’re eating his tofu technically… lol poor MC.


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