Bark?! 12

Bark?! 12

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 12 – The neighbour who lives across from me is particularly handsome]

Today, from the moment he opened his eyes up till now.

Everything seemed to progress wildly at the speed of light.

Su Cheng felt unable to think about it any longer. But kissing male god really felt good!

It was as if in an instance, there were flowers blooming around them, surrounding the single bed. A sweet, warm and soft feeling flowed, filling the room.

“It’s, it’s fine already.” Su Cheng, face red, turned his head causing Lin Xu’s lips to land on his cheek.

The atmosphere was so romantic it was unbearable.

However, the suspicious thing was, that toy poodle was again back to sleeping soundly……

Su Cheng had this nagging feeling that as long as this unlucky toy poodle had not woken up, then this matter was not over!

Within the darkness, there seemed to be some sort of power that had taken away the toy poodle’s soul, leaving behind an empty shell, making it easy for Su Cheng to enter and turn into a dog at any moment.

Su Cheng’s heart was originally full of sweetness. However, when he thought about this, his face suddenly darkened.

Heavens, (Mother) Earth, which deity was so bored![1]

Su Cheng was in the middle of cursing up a storm mentally when Lin Xu, as if punishing him, bit his lips softly and asked: “What are you thinking about?”

Su Cheng’s heart jolted. He almost did not dare to raise his eyes to meet Lin Xu’s, and said: “That……Don’t you think it’s too odd? Why is it that whenever we kiss then I return to my body?”

“Indeed,” Lin Xu reached out his hand, touching the tip of Su Cheng’s small and delicate nose, “not paying any attention when kissing, it’s a very strange thing.”

Su Cheng: ……

Now is not the time to be making jokes!

“I’ll be straightforward.” Lin Xu pushed Su Cheng’s head towards his chest, rubbing his chin against Su Cheng’s hair. His voice was soft as he said, “I love you.”

“……Me too.” Su Cheng’s breathing was rapid, for an instant he simply felt that it didn’t matter whether he lived out the remainder of his life as a human or a dog.

Lin Xu raised his body, concentrating his gaze on Su Cheng’s pair of eyes. Without rhyme or reason, he suddenly said: “I’ve read all of your novels, I’ve liked every single one……you didn’t take a look at my bookcase today, I’ve collected all your works, furthermore they’re all the signed copies.”

“En……” Su Cheng was a little embarrassed.

Because at this moment, male god’s appearance was slightly similar to a little male fanatic!

“I’ve always quietly followed you online.” Lin Xu’s fingers slid across Su Cheng’s cheek, “you said on Weibo that ‘the neighbour who lives across from me is particularly handsome, my ideal type’……”

Su Cheng’s face flushed red: ……

Darn it……

Revealing his slight crush on Weibo but unexpectedly, coincidentally was seen by the subject!?

“At that time, I was even a little jealous of the neighbour living opposite you,” Lin Xu thought it was funny, appearing like he wanted to laugh, “Until the day you suddenly posted your picture, then only did I realise that you lived across from me, but I didn’t dare to go look for you. You’ve always been very lowkey on the net, I was afraid that if I suddenly appeared you would be frightened……that day I was so excited, but I didn’t dare to say it. I simply went downstairs and ran ten laps around the neighbourhood.”

Su Cheng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry: “……I saw you running laps downstairs.”

That day, the hardships of being an author had caused Su ‘Little’ Cheng[2] to lean against the balcony railing in depression. He saw Lin Xu running wildly in circles, like a mad dog. From time to time, he even laughed crazily while looking up into the sky. In his heart, he bitterly made guesses as to what had made his usually cold and elegant male god so happy.

Is he in love?

He can’t be!

It can’t be, it’s impossible!

Su Cheng who was immersed in his memories, let down his guard and was again kissed quickly by Lin Xu.

Su Cheng’s eyes opened wide: “You……”

“I was worried that you’d gone into its body again.” Lin Xu’s face was innocent as he pointed at the toy poodle, “I was taking precautions.”

Su Cheng: ……



[1] As to play these kinds of tricks on him

[2] Just a cute way of referring to Su Cheng, by inserting ‘small’ in between the two syllables of his name

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