Bark!? 15 [End]

Bark!? 15 [End]

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 15 – Stirring up gentle ripples, round and round]

What happened after that——

“Stop giving me overlord tickets.” Su Cheng published the new chapter update. He was so tired he was nearly collapsing on the computer table.

“Why?” Lin Xu was sitting cross-legged on the floor, holding down a toy poodle and brushing its fur.

Su Cheng reached out a hand, five fingers spread out: “The website will take a 50% cut. Dear, do you know how to live your life?!”

Lin Xu didn’t lift his head: “But this way, you have a bigger reputation.”

“……There’s really no need.” Su Cheng came to a stop behind Lin Xu, curling his arms around his neck and leaning on his back.

Was there anything that added more to his reputation than “Lin Xu is my boyfriend”?

There’s nothing.

“You’re brushing too roughly.” Su Cheng reached for the comb in Lin Xu’s hand. He stroked the toy poodle who was whining, “Let me do it.”

Lin Xu defended himself while handing over the comb to Su Cheng, “I’m being very gentle.”

Su Cheng: ……

Are you sure that you’re being very gentle? It’s been continuously crying ‘fuckkkkk’!

Ever since he’d experienced turning into a dog, Su Cheng has obtained a lasting skill — he can understand what dogs are saying.

Even though this skill is of no fucking use at all……

Only being able to hear the mocking and ridicule that the toy poodles were heaping on him. After all, in the royal harem people often simmer in envy and hate!

Toy poodle: “Woof woof woof, woof woof woof!”

Fucking hell, why is it you again!

Su Cheng: “Woof woof woof! Woof woof woof!”

So what if it’s me again! Try me again and I’ll bestow the Scarlet Punishment upon you![1]

Really was a model Empress……

Lin Xu was standing to one side, dumbfounded.

Ever since the time when my wife accidentally turned into a dog, then he started to enjoy speaking dog language.

After he finished brushing the dog’s fur, the two people held hands. Each hand leading three dogs, they went to the public square to walk the dogs.

The public square was very lively, there were people walking their dogs, some going for a stroll, and also those flying kites. There were even little kids running around with cotton candy, one yuan each, round and large puffs.

While passing by the wishing fountain[2], they both coincidentally came to a stop.

“This wishing fountain is so effective; do you want to try and make some other wish?” Su Cheng fished out a few coins from his trouser pocket, a mixture of one yuan and half-a-yuan ones.

Lin Xu responded with a sound, taking the coins. Turning his head, he looked at Su Cheng, saying: “I don’t have any other wishes, do you?”

Su Cheng honestly shook his head: “Neither do I.”

He was very happy and satisfied with the way things were right now.

“Okay, then……” Lin Xu laughed. Rummaging about in his own pocket, he also brought out some coins. Gathering all the small change together, he threw them into the fountain with a jingling sound. In a soft voice, he murmured, “Who knows, the fountain deity might want to eat the cotton candy on the other side.”

These coins would be enough to buy quite a few of them.

“Makes sense.” Su Cheng really believed him, nodding his head repeatedly and holding Lin Xu’s hand.

Great lord fountain deity ——

Thank you so much.

Two humans and six dogs slowly disappeared from view.

The fallen coins quietly reflected the orange afterglow that shone back into the fountain’s bottom. A dragonfly landed lightly on the pond surface, stirring up gentle ripples, round and round.




[1] 赐你一丈红 – A type of punishment in ancient china’s harems where the offender is beaten with a 2 inch thick, 5 foot long board. Interestingly enough, only certain people had the authority to administer this punishment, one of them being the Empress.

Parting message from Translator:

I hope you enjoyed my first (and last) project it even though it was short. Special thanks to alittlefaith who edited the first 3 chapters, ShenHua and Rai for the help with words/phrases I was stuck with, and of course ayyshadow (whose project this originally was until I decided to pick it up on a whim), for hosting it.

后会有期 😊

— Baozi

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24 thoughts on “Bark!? 15 [End]

  1. Wha…wh…wh…why last project??? I was saving this novel until my exam ends and just finished binge-reading a minute ago. I was just getting ready to thank you for this amazing fluffy cute story. Is this really your last project??
    You did a great job!!! I’ll be sad to see you go 😥
    Thank you so much!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Haha… well, the main reason is that it took up a lot of my time (mostly because my Chinese is pretty awful and I have to look up lots of words. Sometimes there are also references that I don’t understand as well) but also because I have a full-time job. And the limited amount of personal time I do have, I’d prefer to devote to other things…

    So yeah, this will probably be my last project ^^;;

    Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Satisfying ending.
    “The fallen coins quietly reflected the orange afterglow that shone back into the fountain’s bottom. A dragonfly landed lightly on the pond surface, stirring up gentle ripples, round and round.”

    *thumbs up* Thank you Baozi for your hardwork for bringing this adorkable silly couple. Wishing you all the best with your other commitments ^^,

    Liked by 3 people

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