Bark!? 07

Bark!? 07

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 7 – As if those little shous in danmei novels *beep*——!!]

Lin Xu helped Su Cheng move the computer over.

Lin Xu’s desk was larger, there was more than sufficient space for two computers. Lin Xu also moved a chair over for Su Cheng to sit on.

Su Cheng turned on his computer, opened his outline and draft and started immersing himself in his writing.

For the sake of full attendance!

A dog, seated in front of the computer, writing a novel.

The scene is also one which causes people to become intoxicated.

Su Cheng’s heart was in disorder. Not only did he turn into a dog, in front of male god he lost so much face. Furthermore, the person whom he was writing an erotic scene about in the novel was currently sitting next to him. Finally, the matter that made him most feel like dying was that the other person actually chases after web novels.

Luckily this novel had a detailed outline, a few days earlier he even wrote several chapters of rough drafts. Otherwise, with his current mental state, Su Cheng would definitely be unable to come up with anything.

Su Cheng dizzily used his paws to type out words. From time to time he stealthily turned his head slightly at an angle, glancing at Lin Xu and the screen in front of him.

Lin Xu sat upright in front of his own computer, his face serious as he searched “What to do when a person suddenly turns into a dog”,,,,,,

And when Su Cheng’s doggy head turned back, it became Lin Xu’s turn to secretly steal a look at Su Cheng.

Both had a whole bellyful of questions to ask the other person, however this situation really wasn’t very suitable for discussing emotional issues. Therefore, by unspoken agreement, they chose to keep silent.

Nevertheless, this atmosphere of tacit understanding was quickly broken.

Because Su Cheng could not keep still on his chair and was fidgeting.

……He needed to go to the toilet, to do a Big One.

Lin Xu, seeing his discomfort, asked: “What’s wrong?”

Su Cheng quickly shook his head and jumped down from the chair.

Using his own wisdom as a human, finding the dog lavatory that was set up next to the room was a simple thing, there was no need to broadcast it……

If he secretly did his business in the dog lavatory, Lin Xu should not know it was him who did it. After all, there were six dogs in the apartment.

Su Cheng gladly ran out, quickly finding the dog lavatory in one of the corners of the living room.

However, owing to the fact that Lin Xu had not had a free moment from this morning until now, the dog lavatory had yet to be cleaned today, the condition was not good, completely filthy.

Su Cheng hesitated for a moment on whether he truly wanted to walk on to the dog toilet.

After all, he didn’t even have any shoes right now……

At this moment, the five other poodles arrived.

“Does he want to go to the toilet?”

“Of course he does, it cannot be to eat poop!”

“Hmph, looking at his face he must think it’s too dirty. Also, at night he would be sharing one quilt with owner, hehe.”


“A slut will always be unreasonable!”

Su Cheng suddenly felt like he was a xiu nu[1] who had received the emperor’s favour the moment he stepped into the palace: ……

To prove that he was definitely not an unreasonable slut, Su Cheng carefully made his way across, using the tip-toes of his paws, arching his waist, starting to use strength (to push ‘it’ out) ……

However, at this moment, Lin Xu unhurriedly walked over, looking at Su Cheng with a shocked expression.

Su Cheng: ……

Nonono! By no means am I going to take a dump in front of male god!

Hence, Su Cheng’s restraint collapsed.

The thing that was about to come out, shrunk back inside. His stomach immediately began to protest even more frantically.

“……” Su Cheng pretended that nothing had happened. With a stiff dog’s face, he attempted to walk away.

However, Lin Xu poked at his weak point, asking: “Did you want to go to the toilet?”

Su Cheng shook his head rapidly: “Woof? Woof.”

What are you talking about? I can’t understand you ah.

“If you’re not going, I’m cleaning it up.” On Lin Xu’s hand was a disposable glove. He bent over to dispose of the dog lavatory, “Too dirty, this morning I forgot to do it.”

Su Cheng appeared as if he hardly cared about it and made a cold snorting sound, to show that he was really not going to do it.

However, his sphincter was actually about to burst!

Don’t panic, use humankind’s wisdom……

Su Cheng calmly comforted himself. Taking advantage of the time when Lin Xu’s head was lowered, cleaning up the dog lavatory, he used his four short legs to run to the toilet. He used his claw to push aside the filter to the floor drain, resourcefully aimed his butt at the pitch-dark hole and arched his waist, starting to use strength…….

However, at this time, Lin Xu suddenly walked over, carrying the dog lavatory in both hands, silently watching Su Cheng.

Su Cheng: ……

“I’m going to rinse this for a moment.” Lin Xu pointed at the dog lavatory in his hands, explaining himself.

Su Cheng again felt his restraint collapsing.

His guts gave a frantic surge of *beep*——mercilessly lashing at his sphincter. Every cell in his body was expressing the need to *beep*——

“You……” Lin Xu just opened his mouth when Su Cheng, swift as an arrow leaving the bow, ran out of the toilet!

No matter what, he can’t allow male god to see him doing *beep*—— okay! You must be joking, how can the little shou take a *beep*——!! As if those little shous in danmei novels *beep*——!! Right?

Exiting the toilet, Su Cheng ran wildly around the entire house, frantically looking for a place where he can take a *beep*—— in peace.

An intense desire that was unbearable, as if a raging inferno was blazing in his consciousness, making him can’t help but want to recklessly let go of himself, to open up his body, as much as he wanted to……

To take a *beep*——

This is really too terrible……

Just as Su Cheng had given up all hope and started to arch his back, deciding to do it on the floor, Lin Xu appeared carrying the dog toilet which had changed beyond recognition.

Lin Xu put down the dog toilet in the corner, and without even a look at Su Cheng, quickly turned around and walked away. He not only went into the room, but also closed the door.

Male god, he……

Was worried that I would lose face……

All of a sudden, Su Cheng felt overwhelmingly warm. Extremely moved, he walked over to the good-as-new dog toilet. Under the jealous gazes of the five toy poodles, with his heart full of love for male god, he happily resolved his problem.



[1] Women selected for the emperor’s imperial harem, from the daughters of Manchu bannerman

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  1. I cringed and laughed so hard at this! This author is an S! Torturing the lily shou with the big 2. How cruel! XD

    Thank goodness our gong is mature and kind. Hes also used to poodle dung so I’m sure his mind will recover.

    Su Cheng trying to use the people potty. lol

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