Bark!? 06

Bark!? 06

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 6 – Already turned into a dog and still have to persevere in updating……]

“What happened to you?” Lin Xu looked uncomprehendingly at Su Cheng.

Su Cheng was so agitated he was turning round and round in circles. Letting male god see his strawberry underpants, there simply could not be anything more shameful!

Lin Xu was silent for a second, then the corners of his lips turned up slightly and he questioned: “It can’t be that it’s not convenient for me to see your body right now?”

Su Cheng nodded, grieved and indignant: “Wu, woof!”

“Ah,” Lin Xu coldly[1] laughed, immediately showing an honest face and placating Su Cheng, “It doesn’t matter, saving a person is more important. I will treat it as if I never saw anything.”

Su Cheng: ……

If you did not laugh at the beginning, I would have believed you!

However, at this very moment, there was nothing in the world that could stop Lin Xu from opening the door……

Moreover, that being said, not opening it was also not an option.

Thus, Lin Xu rapidly opened the door and walked inside.

The only thing that was worth being happy about was the fact that Su Cheng was a person who liked cleanness, so the house was spotless.

“Where is your body?” Lin Xu asked.

Su Cheng hung his head down dejectedly, keeping silent.

Lin Xu had no choice but to search on his own. The room was not large, so Lin Xu very quickly discovered Su Cheng’s motionless body, which was lying on top of the computer table.

Just as expected, he was naked[2].

Su Cheng’s body was particularly pale because he stayed inside the house writing most of the time. There were still some traces of youthfulness in his slender build. His neck and spine curved out into a graceful arc, the thin and frail chest moved up and down slightly. A pair of well-proportioned and fair legs were casually spread apart, and below the slender ankles were a pair of feet encased in teddy bear slippers. And sitting on top of the chair……were the buttocks wearing that accursed pair of pink strawberry-print underwear….

It looked well-rounded, plump, and seemed extremely tasty……

“Woof woof woof! Woof woof woof!” Su Cheng howled and barked loudly, winding around Lin Xu’s legs, and crazily running circles, attempting to draw away some of Lin Xu’s attention!

Too embarrassing! Too fucking embarrassing! This is the most embarrassing moment in his life!

However, Lin Xu was unable to take his eyes off Su Cheng’s body and continued to stare attentively and unendingly.

His gaze was hungry.

Su Cheng fiercely protested: “Wu——Woof woof woof!”

Don’t forget what you came here to do!

“Don’t get offended.” Lin Xu softly sighed and said seriously, “Both of us are men, even if I look, you won’t lose a piece of flesh.”[3]

Su Cheng was panting, his breaths uneven: ……

But I feel like my butt has already been stared at by you until it lost a piece of flesh!

Lin Xu walked to the side of Su Cheng’s body, examining it from up close. His voice was calm and unhurried as he commented: “Seems to be sleeping.”

As long as he’s not dead! Su Cheng let out a breath.

At this time, Lin Xu softly chuckled.

Su Cheng: ……

What are you laughing at!

A person inside his own home, can’t he freely let loose his true self!?

“No matter what, first let’s move your body to my house.”  Lin Xu sincerely said, “Before you turn back, I can take care of you.”

Su Cheng softly barked once, wagging his tail to show his agreement.

Seems like they can only handle it this way for now.

If he’s in closer proximity to his body, perhaps he can change back!

Therefore, Lin Xu turned over Su Cheng, who was still unconsciously sprawled out on top of the computer table.

Half of his face was covered with the impression from the keyboard…. it matched the pink-coloured strawberry-print underpants.

As Su Cheng looked at his own body, he felt that there was nothing worth living for. He really wanted to cry and commit suicide.

Lin Xu held back his laughter, picking up Su Cheng’s body. While passing through the bedroom, he conveniently grabbed a thin blanket from on top of the bed and covered Su Cheng’s almost naked body with it. He took large strides, walking out the front door.

Lin Xu carried Su Cheng back to his own house and put him on the bed in his bedroom.

“Would your body feel cold?” Lin Xu murmured to himself, removing the thin blanket that was covering Su Cheng’s body.

Su Cheng:……

You should know, when men are lying down facing upwards, somewhere there will be a little subtle bulge……

Lin Xu stiffly stood next to the bed, his eyes were fixed on that slight bulge, his legs seemed to be rooted to the floor!

“Woof woof woof woof woof!” Su Cheng barked wildly, wishing he could go up and give him a bite.

“Eh, there’s a mosquito.” Lin Xu, with an innocent face, reached out his hand and pressed down on that subtle bulge.

Su Cheng: ……

As if there was really a mosquito there! Look me in the eye and tell me that there was a mosquito there earlier!

Lin Xu calmly spread out his hand and looked at it. Putting on an act, he said: “Oh, it’s dead.”

Su Cheng protested frantically: “Woof woof woof!”

Actually, there’s no mosquito there that can die, what died was your lofty and brilliant image as male god, okay! Quickly cover me back up with the blanket, you immoral bastard!

Lin Xu was unable to keep a straight face and let out another laugh. Also fearing that Su Cheng’s body would really catch a cold, soon afterward he tugged on the blanket and covered it up.

He thought deeply for a moment and then queried: “How about I bring your body to the hospital for a check-up?”

Su Cheng shook his head: “Woof woof woof!”

Even if they went to the hospital, it would be pointless,

‘Look Doctor, this person’s soul has entered the body of this dog, can you perform an operation to transplant it back?’

……He’d be sent to a psychiatrist!

Furthermore, perhaps tonight after sleeping, by some unfathomable mystery, he might return to his body, Su Cheng thought optimistically.

“But……” Lin Xu scrunched up his brows.

Without any other choice, Su Cheng jumped onto the swivel chair and used the computer to slowly type out words, letting his opinion be known in a simple manner.

Lin Xu hesitatingly replied: “Indeed… it does not exclude the possibility of suddenly changing back by yourself.”

Su Cheng strongly nodded his head.

Li Xu thought for a moment, coming to a conclusion: “How about this, let’s observe for one day in my house. If after one day you still haven’t returned to your body then we’ll go to the hospital for a check-up. After all, your body right now is unable to drink water or eat food, we can’t let it continue to sleep like this,

Su Cheng let out a sigh, typing the word “Okay”. Immediately following that, he typed “Thank you.”

Lin Xu raised his eyebrow: “You’re welcome, I only did what I should have done.”

Su Cheng typed: “Could I trouble you to fetch the computer from my house?”

I still want to collect this month’s (full attendance) reward of 6000 for updating daily!

Already turned into a dog and still have to persevere in updating……

Being an online writer is really not easy! It’s not easy, alright!



[1] 闷骚 – outwardly cold, but inside passionate

[2] The text does actually say naked even though he isn’t *shrugs*

[3] You won’t lose anything

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