WFYO 061

WFYO 061


061. Like on a Date

He Jin’s back was burning red like a hot iron plate. Although he was surrounded by people, there was only that one person behind him, seemingly untouchable by anyone but him.

He wanted to break away from the other man, but Qin Yu suddenly whispered from behind him, “Stand up.”

Warm breath brushed his ear, the magnetic voice attacked his fragile nerves, making him forgot what he wanted to do… He recalled the first time Qin Yu taught him to play tennis, also the first time he and Fire rode the Poor Flame together in the holographic game, those two times he was hugged from behind by another man… A strange impulse arose within him, a buzzing sound filled his head, as if something exploded in his brain, destroying everything and turning his mind into mush.

For the first time in his 20+ years of life, He Jin got a feeling of this impulse, but it was aimed for someone of the same-sex.

He didn’t know when Qin Yu loosen his hand, he only came out of his trance after feeling cold wind blowing against his skin as they walked out of the subway station.

He was greeted by the sight of red and green lights, night stalls surrounded by transparent curtains, and electronic signboards of various characters: Old Beijing Noodles, Shanghai Crayfish, Kyushu Teppanyaki, Hange Pot Rice, and so on…

“Which do you want to eat?” Qin Yu asked.

For a moment, He Jin felt like he was here with Fire, standing in the Changle Street of Imperial City… He shook his head to calm himself and answered, “I invited you to eat, you pick.”

Qin Yu chose to eat curry. They each ordered a serving of curry fried pork chop rice along with a portion of Chinese seaweed as an addition. He Jin asked him if he wanted alcohol, Qin Yu refused and instead asked to drink 7up.

He Jin laughed: “You are like a child, like to drink 7up.”

Qin Yu raised his eyebrow: “Why am I a child just because I like to drink 7up? My grandmother also liked to drink Wang Zi milk when she was alive, was she a child then?”

He Jin: “…”

He Jin: “Cough, I thought you’d want a beer.”

Qin Yu: “It’s 50:50, I like to drink alcohol when going out with many people, but when it’s only with one or two people, I’ll only drink it if my mood is bad.”

He Jin: “I didn’t like it before, but when I had dinner with you and President Shang a while ago, I felt good when drinking.”

Qin Yu laughed. All drunk and “feeling good”, it seemed that this guy would be greedy of alcohol in the future.

Qin Yu: “Do you want a bottle?”

He Jin: “Forget it, there is no side dish, drinking beer while eating curry rice feels quite strange…”

The curry rice soon arrived, its aroma strong, the pork chop fried golden and crisp. The icy 7up also added a refreshing taste to the dish.

The two of them chatted and laughed. Although inwardly He Jin’s mind was in chaos, he would never behave in a bad manner. However, he subconsciously began to peep at Qin Yu, watching the way he looked as he ate, looking at his sticky finger as he took a sip of his 7up, gazing at the slightly upturned appearance of his mouth…

He justified himself by the fact that so many girls also liked doing the same thing. Qin Yu wasn’t only handsome when playing basketball, even the details of his expressive eyes were full of a young man’s charm.

Once they finished eating, the sky had become completely dark outside, the temperature had also dropped several degrees. Qin Yu saw He Jin shrinking his neck and said, “Wait a moment for me here.” He ran out without waiting for He Jin’s answer.

He Jin stood in the same place and saw Qin Yu went into an ornament store not far away. He thought that Qin Yu wanted to buy something for himself, but unexpectedly, after a minute Qin Yu came out with two identical scarves.

He went to He Jin, handed one of the scarves to him, and keeping the other one for himself: “Here, don’t catch a cold.”

He Jin accepted the scarf, not knowing what to say. His damned mind started thinking weird things again!

……This scarf, was it bought by Qin Yu for him, or was it merely lent to him and had to be returned later? But if it was lent to him, why would he buy two identical ones… And if it was a gift, did boys these days normally buy scarves for another boy? It’s so strange, Qin Yu doesn’t really have feelings for me, right? This is weird…

Qin Yu did not give He Jin time to continue his tangled analysis. After wrapping the scarf around himself, he directly turned in the direction of the subway station.

In the end, He Jin still concluded that maybe he was thinking too much…

There were a lot of couples walking side by side around them, all were pairs of men and women, except for them. Someone discovered that he and Qin Yu were wearing the same scarves, pointing and snickering at them. Seeing this, He Jin was so embarrassed he wanted to explode, but Qin Yu remained indifferent.

When they arrived at the subway station, He Jin finally realized— the two of them went out together to buy things, drank milk tea and ate together, now they also wore scarves of the same patterns… it was almost as if they were on a date…

When he was dating Tong Xuan, they never went out for long, they also didn’t do much. Even their dates were mostly consisted of going to the restaurants near the school to eat, or to the café to study.

More importantly, he didn’t have this inexplicable feeling in his heart like when he was with Qin Yu. Every now and then his heartbeat would accelerate, and he found himself hoping that time would pass slower so they could stay together for a while longer…
But this feeling towards Qin Yu… could it be love?

As soon as this shameless thought entered He Jin’s mind, it was annihilated. This is impossible, it can’t be it!

By the time they arrived at school, it was already nine o’clock. Qin Yu really didn’t mention anything about the scarf, He Jin also didn’t have the nerve to ask. In the end he decided to just return it next time.

He Jin was still lost in thought when entering his dorm. He hurriedly took off the scarf, acting like a cheating husband who would quickly spray men’s perfume to cover up the unique smell of woman lingering on his clothes. He didn’t dare to be found having the same scarf as Qin Yu by other people…

But Hou Dongyan obviously couldn’t read the mood. Seeing that He Jin had returned, he shouted, “Oh Jin Ge, you are finally back! Come and see this video!”

“What video?” He Jin was confused. He put the scarf into the cupboard and came over.

Hou Dongyan pointed to the computer screen, “Your husband’s live video ah, but it’s a recording program this time, not a live broadcast. Say, is this ferret you?”

He Jin stared at the screen for two seconds, black lines appeared on his forehead…[1]

Hou Dongyan shook his head and said: “It’s too sadistic, so devastating… How can the Great God do this to you!”

Yes!! How can he put the video of me being abused on live broadcast! He Jin was so angry he wanted to smash the table ah!

The barrage of comments was very different from the past-

“Hubby is so cruel! QAQ”

“God, how can you do this!”

“Who is that? I mean the ferret.”

“Did the Great God receive a spirit character? It’s so miserable… ”

“Am I the only one who feel addicted?”

“Yes, only you alone!”

“Only you alone +10086”


Hou Dongyan: “The Great God is like this when PK with you ah? I feel a little sympathy for you, Jin Ge… ”

Depressed, He JIn used his smart bracelet to send a message asking for accountability to Fire. While typing, he suddenly heard Hou Dongyan said: “Eh, high energy ahead?”

He could saw a few ” high energy ahead”, “prepare paper towels” hints appeared on the monitor. Hou Dongyan was a short-tempered person, so he directly fast-forwarded the video until the view on the screen suddenly switched to a white ferret showing its belly up, creating a meng picture…

He Jin: “…” QAQ

Hou Dongyan: “…”

He Jin knocked on the back of Hou Dongyan’s chair, explaining: “This is one of the ferret’s skilsl! The skill of Meng!”

Hou Dongyan: “Oh…”

–It’s useless to say anything, Jin Ge, I can’t look at you anymore! (=_=)



[1] black lines on the head, just imagine HJ’s expression like this 50965\

Also, Wang Zi milk that QY’s grandmother liked to drink


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