Bark!? 05

Bark!? 05

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 5 – A pink, strawberry-patterned one]

Lin Xu cheerfully used the small account to hop around for a while, then logged into his main account and threw some Overlord tickets to try to heal Su Cheng’s wounded heart.

Furthermore, he even ran to his own schizophrenic small account and ranted at himself: You’re crazy, if you don’t like reading it, quickly get lost!

Su Cheng: ……

Afterwards, this split-personality, mad demon happily hummed a song as he went to brew coffee.

Furthermore, the song he was humming was unexpectedly 《The King Ordered Me To Patrol The Mountain》[1]……

Su Cheng: ……

Hearing this song, Su Cheng suddenly recalled a scene from a month ago——

That day, early in the morning he was downstairs in the middle of throwing out the rubbish. Suddenly, he saw Lin Xu, dressed in exercise clothes and wearing headphones, fiddling with his handphone while walking towards him. He seemed to be choosing the song that he wanted to listen to while running afterwards.

However, the cable of his headphones was actually not connected to his handphone, the sound of the music coming from his speakers was very loud. Listening to it, it appeared to be some kind of symphonic music.

The early morning sun shone on his face, further setting off his handsomeness and fair skin.

Su Cheng swallowed his saliva, revealing a magnificent smile. He seized the chance to say hello to his male god neighbour: “Good morning, going jogging?”

Lin Xu coldly replied: “Good morning.”

Su Cheng searched for something to say: “What are you listening to?”

Lin Xu indifferently answered: “Shostakovich’s 《Symphony No. 10》, conducted by Karajan.”

Su Cheng suddenly felt a feeling of helplessness spring up unbidden: “Oh, so it’s like that.”

Never heard of it before……

“I prefer his conducting style more.” Lin Xu exposed a graceful smile, “There is a certain metal-like brightness to it.”

Su Cheng, internally, was dumbfounded: “…..Oh really.”

Even though he completely could not understand what was said, but male god’s appearance while showing off was so handsome, so dazzling!

Within Su Cheng’s heart, he was already secretly smitten, immediately replying: “Your headphones are not plugged in……”

Lin Xu was surprised, letting out an “Oh?”. He then swiftly connected his headphones, nodding his head at Su Cheng and saying: “Thanks.”

And then he ran off.

“You’re welcome.” Su Cheng, who got to say a few words to male god as soon as he woke up, was so happy he felt he could fly. He gazed infatuatedly at male god’s (confident and relaxed), distant figure.


But right now……

The sound of singing coming from the kitchen had already turned into 《Pomp and Circumstance》[2]

So male god’s taste in songs is actually about the same as mine, hey!

Su Cheng suddenly realised that this world was really difficult to understand.

However, this was not the time to ponder such questions. Su Cheng jumped up onto the swivel chair that Lin Xu was sitting on, clumsily using both paws to operate the computer.

Even though the process was a little difficult, but it was much better than using his mouth to grip the pen and write words.

Su Cheng finally managed to open Word smoothly, and furthermore before Lin Xu entered the bedroom, typed several words——”I am your neighbour Su Cheng”

As soon as he finished typing these words, Lin Xu entered the room holding a cup of coffee.

“Messing about with my computer again,” Lin Xu put down his coffee cup on the computer table, grabbing Su Cheng with a single hand, “Hmm? Little baby Su Cheng.”

Su Cheng’s name was called using this verbose and dull tone, causing him to nearly faint on the spot.

“Woof woof!” Su Cheng raised his paw, pointing towards the computer screen.

Lin Xu glanced at the screen absent-mindedly.

Su Cheng: ……

Lin Xu: ……

The inside of the room was enveloped in a tomb-like silence……

After a moment, Lin Xu blinked his eyes as if coming out of a dream. His tone was flat and monotonous as he asked: “You’re my neighbour?”

Su Cheng nodded his doggy head wildly.

Lin Xu was unperturbed: “Can you understand what I’m saying?”

Su Cheng continued to nod his doggy head madly.

Lin Xu frowned: “What happened? How did you become my dog? This is possession?”

Su Cheng went on nodding his head.

The corners of Lin Xu’s mouth twitched for a second, he asked: “When did this start?”

Su Cheng leapt on to the swivel chair and used his paws to laboriously type the words: “Early this morning. I also don’t know why it happened.”

Lin Xu indifferently made an ‘oh’ sound.

Su Cheng expressed his amazement towards male god’s level of calmness……

Even if he immediately accepted the fact that a human had changed into a dog, but the stupid acts earlier were all witnessed by him. How could he still remain so collected!?

“Wait a moment for me.” Lin Xu, his face expressionless like a steel plate, turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door.

Half a minute later Su Cheng heard a blood-curdling screech from downstairs……

Even though the scream had distorted the tone, it was unmistakably the sound of male god’s voice……

Su Cheng completely understood this kind of feeling.

Actually, earlier he himself had also loudly screamed in such a way, just that it all came out as ‘woof woof woof’.

After another half a minute, Lin Xu once again appeared in front of Su Cheng. Other than the fact that his breathing was a little quicker, he looked completely normal, his manner calm and composed.

“Since your consciousness is within this dog’s body, then where is your original body?” asked Lin Xu.

Even though Su Cheng still had a big pile of questions to ask, but this was the most critical issue. Accordingly, Su Cheng continued using the computer to type out the words: “In my house, perhaps in a coma. Please take me there for a look, there’s a spare key in the fire hydrant compartment at the front door.”

“Understood.” Lin Xu raised his hand and was about to carry Su Cheng, but after stretching his hand out halfway, retracted it.

The two of them coincidentally thought about that earlier incident where Lin Xu flicked Su Cheng’s thing.

Su Cheng: ……

Lin Xu: ……

“Follow me.” Lin Xu stiffly turned around and left. Su Cheng moved his four little legs, diligently following behind Lin Xu.

Lin Xu arrived at the glass door which housed the fire hydrant, opening the glass door and searching inside. Sure enough, he found Su Cheng’s spare key,

Just as Lin Xu was inserting the key into the keyhole, suddenly Su Cheng started barking like mad, as if he’d been struck by lightning.

“Woof woof woof woof woof woof——!”

Ahhhhhhhh I just remembered that my body right now is only wearing a pair of underpants!

Furthermore, it’s a pink, strawberry-patterned one!



[1] 大王叫我来巡山 – the ending theme to the 2015 movie Surprise

[2] 威風堂々- this is a Japanese vocaloid song, the lyrics are explicit and about five girls and their sexual encounters

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  1. HAHAHAHHAHA I just can’t make out of Lin Xu’s character 🤣 I laugh so hard when he screamed outside and all of Su Cheng’s interaction with this “Male God” before becoming a dog.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!

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  2. Half a minute later Su Cheng heard a blood-curdling screech from downstairs……

    Was this seriously what the author wrote XD

    Oh my ifudoudou

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