Bark?! 11

Bark?! 11

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 11 – Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!]

Su Cheng who was caught up in his own happiness for a moment, suddenly remembered the toy poodle whose body he had occupied previously.

And this toy poodle named Su Cheng, was quietly leaning on his body. Its doggy head was resting on the pillow, maintaining the same posture that Su Cheng had slept in. It was sleeping quietly, like a human would.

Su Cheng patted the toy poodle: “Hey…… wake up for a moment.”

The toy poodle was motionless, only giving out a soft snore. Its small chest moved up and down rhythmically, without any signs of waking up, similar to the condition of Su Cheng’s body before.

A little bit of anxiety flitted across Su Cheng’s heart: ……

Why do I feel like this isn’t over yet?

“Wake up.” Lin Xu picked up the toy poodle, shaking it. He called out: “Su….. uhh, this dog, wake up!”

Su Cheng quietly stared at him: ……

Earlier you were about to shout Su Cheng, weren’t you!

Su Cheng perplexedly put the unresponsive toy poodle back on to the bed. Glancing sideways at Su Cheng, he asked: “What?”

Su Cheng’s expression was extremely uneasy, he hesitated before forcing himself to ask: “This dog of yours, what is its name?”

Lin Xu laughed for a moment. He gazed fixedly at Su Cheng, his voice soft as if he was talking in his sleep: “Don’t you already know?”

Under the dim lighting, the silhouette of Lin Xu’s countenance appeared fuzzy, tinted with profoundness, and his eyes reflected the shining moonlight outside the window.

How gentle.

Within that gentleness was a little hint of ridicule.

Being watched attentively by this kind of gaze, Su Cheng suddenly realised that he was not wearing any clothes. With a whoosh, he pulled up the quilt and covered the upper half of his body. Suppressing a sigh, he said: “It was……called Su Cheng, right?”

Lin Xu’s smile didn’t reach his eyes[1]: “Yes.”

Su Cheng rubbed his nose, he was so nervous he was sweating. Even though he already knew the answer, he still asked: “Why did you name the dog after me?”

Lin Xu raised an eyebrow: “Let me ask you in return, your novel that is currently being serialised, why did you model your character after me?”

Su Cheng was so agitated that within his mind there was a rumbling sound. He retaliated: “Then why did you follow my serialization and throw mines at me on one hand, only to turn around and scold me on the other? So schizophrenic.”

Lin Xu’s beautiful eyes curved, he slyly pointed at the lower half of his body and laughingly replied: “That afternoon when you were in the dog’s body, why were you endlessly using your paw to press on this part?”

Su Cheng awkwardly looked at him, biting his lips. His cheeks suddenly became hot: “Then today when you carried my body back, why did you pretend there was a mosquito and touch me here?”

Lin Xu was startled for a moment. Without warning, he let out a laugh.

Su Cheng’s cheeks were flushed, glowering at him: ……

I love you! I love you ah!

Can’t you be the first one to say it? My skin is really thin! Why the hell are you laughing!

“I think……” After Lin Xu had enough of laughing, he suddenly reached out a hand towards Su Cheng who was wrapped up in the quilt[2] and pressed him down on the bed.

His two arms surrounded Su Cheng, imprisoning him in the middle, slowly sticking closer and closer. “Our reasons for doing so are likely the same.”

Su Cheng nervously swallowed.

Lin Xu’s face moved nearer and nearer. Su Cheng could feel the hair on Lin Xu’s forehead that was hanging down, scratch against his skin. The breaths issuing from between his lips were close at hand.

“I……” Lin Xu opened his mouth again.

Su Cheng was stupefied. With a roll, he jumped up. Lin Xu and his body were stuck in an ambiguous position together: “……woof? Woof woof woof woof woof woof!”

What the hell?

Why am I back as a dog aaaaahhhhh!

Just a second more and he would have been able to publicly announce that he had succeeded in obtaining a HE with male god!

This simply cannot be good……

Lin Xu, who was pressing down on Su Cheng was also alarmed. The lips that were originally just about to come in contact with Su Cheng’s were withdrawn: “Why have you……”

Su Cheng who had again turned into a toy poodle was both worried and annoyed. He collapsed, his entire body lacking strength, nearly farting on the spot!

Luckily this time he managed to hold it in.

Or else, this time he’d really be crying while eating himself to death with chocolate.

“Woof woof woof–!” Su Cheng was full of grievances, almost to the point of crying.

Picking up a male god, is my life easy?

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.” Lin Xu picked up Su Cheng, hugging him close to his chest, causing his small belly to be pressed against his own body. His warm palm patted Su Cheng’s back repeatedly, consoling him: “Didn’t you already turn back earlier? Then this proves that there is a way to change back.”

Su Cheng whined, using his moist doggy nose to rub against Lin Xu’s stomach. Acting spoilt, he cried out ‘wu wu’.

The feeling of openly acting spoilt within male god’s bosom was really too cool!

“……Su Cheng.” Lin Xu stroked Su Cheng’s doggy head. With a smile on his face, he said: “Do you know what I was doing here before you turned back?”

That’s right! Why did male god suddenly appear next to my bed in the middle of the night!

Because he was too excited when he’d suddenly changed back, Su Cheng had momentarily forgotten about this point. However, thinking about it, it was indeed very strange.

“Woof?” Su Cheng was puzzled, blinking his black bean-like eyes.

So actually, what were you doing?

Lin Xu lifted his index finger, lightly tapping his own lips. In his twinkling eyes, there was a smiling expression:

“I secretly kissed you. I’m sorry…… but your sleeping face was just too cute.”

Su Cheng’s heart suddenly jumped. His blood rushed to his head, almost causing him to stagger.

When male god adopts his Gary Stu persona[3], it really can give one a heart attack.

“Right after the kiss, you woke up.” Lin Xu’s eyes were downcast. He laughed at himself, “Gave me quite a shock.”

Su Cheng felt his heart jolt and his chest also hurt: “Woof woof woof!”

At this touching moment, even if he had a thousand things to say, it could only be expressed in a bark……

“Perhaps that is the reason. Let me try again.” Lin Xu gently put Su Cheng on the pillow. Then he bent over and kissed Su Cheng’s human body on the lips, murmuring in a soft voice: “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.”

Su Cheng’s consciousness was jumbled up for a second. When he came back to himself, in the span of one breath, he was surrounded by Lin Xu’s clean scent, like that of green grass.

“I really switched back.” Su Cheng felt like he was in a dream, raising his hand and touching Lin Xu’s face, “I……”

Before he could say anything, the words were all pushed back by the kiss that came shortly after.



[1] For those who read Malicious Empress, it’s XJX’s famous ‘like a smile yet not a smile’

[2] 毛巾被 is actually a blanket made up of towel material. I’m just calling it ‘quilt’ here because I don’t know how to describe it.

[3] 苏起来 – The term 苏 is internet slang for when a pretty guy causes flowers to bloom in your heart. It comes from the term Mary Sue. I wasn’t very sure how to explain it. You can read more about it here

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7 thoughts on “Bark?! 11

  1. Su Cheng perplexedly put the unresponsive toy poodle back on to the bed. Glancing sideways at Su Cheng, he asked: “What?”

    I think it should be “Lin Xu perplexedly put the unresponsive toy poodle back on to the bed.”

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hahaha I knew it.. so why did SC got trapped into the dog body in the first place? Because of the name or SC did wishing for something at the fountain before, only that he forgotten it?

    Su Cheng’s cheeks were flushed, glowering at him: ……
    I love you! I love you ah!
    Can’t you be the first one to say it? My skin is really thin! Why the hell are you laughing! —–So cute!!!!

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