Bark!? 04

Bark!? 04

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 4 – Why not take the opportunity to get some benefits!]

After he finished placating the other toy poodles, Lin Xu lifted Su Cheng up. He hugged him to his chest and sat back down in front of the computer, concentrating on browsing the web page.

“As I suspected, it’s heat.” Lin Xu thought out loud, closing down several pages of pet forums. He flicked Su Cheng’s doggy member and said, “I’m sorry, baby, it’s still better to do birth control.”

Su Cheng couldn’t help but feel his balls ache[1].

But this is castration, castration! How can your expression be so relaxed and cheerful!

Please show a little remorse!

…However, right in front of him was the computer. Using the computer to type some words was a good idea.

Su Cheng had learnt his lesson. He did not dare to rashly snatch the computer. Right now, if he rushed forward to type, as soon as he touched the keyboard he would definitely be blocked by Lin Xu. He had to wait until Lin Xu was not around and then secretly turn on the computer by himself. This plan was still quite reliable. As for right now….

Su Cheng acted cute, snuggling into Lin Xu’s chest, rubbing his paw twice on Lin Xu’s thigh. With a red face and his heart skipping a beat, he even pressed on Lin Xu’s “thing”!

Teeheeheeheehee so embarrassed! Su Cheng lowered his head, using both paws to cover his furry dog face.

After all, he’d already turned into a dog, then why not take the opportunity to get some benefits!

“Be good, don’t touch there.” Lin Xu lifted him upwards.

The unrepentant Su Cheng, who was quickly entering idiot-mode, firmly stuck out his paw and touched male god’s crotch area.

Ehehehehe this size! Su Cheng was shy yet excited, crying out ‘wu wu’ as he burrowed into Lin Xu’s chest with all his strength.

Lin Xu shook his head, one hand pressing down on the Su Cheng who was continuously stirring up trouble while he opened a women’s literature website with the other hand.

That was the website which Su Cheng signed his contract with. There, he could be considered a minor god.

Furthermore, he was recently working on an urban danmei novel…

The shou is a gentle, meng little writer, whereas the gong is a bank manager. Surnamed Lin, with a height of 185 cm, someone good looking and aloof. His hobby is raising toy poodles.

That’s right, this novel was Su Cheng’s sexual fantasy! The gong’s image was completely modeled after Lin Xu!

Su Cheng was stunned and could only look on as Lin Xu opened his Favourites, clicking into his novel, and with great familiarity bought V[2].

That was the update that he had desperately worked on till 3am in the morning….

Lin Xu finished reading the update very quickly, and revealed a mysterious smile, he then threw a very expensive ‘Deepwater Torpedo’[3] and left the message: “The great author writes excellently! Please work hard in updating! Kiss kiss![4]

Su Cheng almost fainted, because he recognised this ID of male god’s, which was an extremely loyal little angel. From the time he started the first few chapters, this fan has been expressing support and leaving comments, throwing ‘Overlord Tickets[5]’ at Su Cheng until he wished he could kneel down and call him ‘father’… and at the beginning Su Cheng towards this little angel reader was also very grateful and always made sure to reply to his comments. However, afterwards as the popularity of his novel became higher and higher, there were more and more comments, and the demand for updates had also risen. Su Cheng truly did not have the time to manage everything, therefore slowly the replies became infrequent.

This little angel reader, was actually Lin Xu.

Lin Xu opened his own comments and checked them one by one, but there was not a single reply from the author.

Lin Xu clicked his tongue in disappointment.

Su Cheng had yet to recover from the massive shock when Lin Xu had already logged off quickly and was logging on to another account named “I am an anti-fan, bite me”

Su Cheng: ……

I am an anti-fan, bite me: It sucks, it sucks, it sucks! Can’t continue reading anymore!

Su Cheng: !!!

I am an anti-fan, bite me: Author, pay attention to me, your writing is too terrible!

Su Cheng: ???

After Lin Xu had finished ranting, he calmly opened his own comments. As expected, he had managed to obtain a reply from the author——

“If you enjoy it then read it. If you don’t want to read it then get lost.”

Lin Xu let out a ‘pfft’ sound of laughter, looking very much like a super-M.

Su Cheng: ……

Your mom, the stupid cunt who was jumping about the comments section everyday was actually male god’s small account!?

Heavens, Mother Earth! Male god is my anti-fan!



[1] Not literally. This is a slang that Chinese netizens use whenever they feel 囧

[2] So you know how jjwxc has those VIP only chapters? If you want to read them you have to pay for it – this is 买V or ‘buying V’

[3] A form of supporting authors, you can read more here:

[4] 么么哒 are kissing sounds, so could be ‘muah muah’ also

[5] Same as 3. Basically ‘deepwater torpedo’ is the highest level of ‘overlord ticket’. Mine>Grenade>Rocket launcher>Shallow water bomb>Deepwater torpedo

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14 thoughts on “Bark!? 04

    1. Nah, only this one in particular because he wants the author to reply to his comments. As the novel progresses, you’ll see that LX’s cold, aloof persona is somewhat of a sham… 😛

      You’re welcome!

      Liked by 9 people

      1. Not only this one. There’s this other novel in which MC was an Anti-Fan of a novel, because he really wanted the author to notice him. Though, due to his comments, the author changed his normal style into, well, a more tragic way of writing. That poor fan…

        Liked by 8 people

  1. Lol the real author is there, and his greatest supporter is revealed to also be his greatest anti-fan and this both IDs is his crush >_///<

    Q: How did the anti small acc got a reply when SC is currently trapped in the dog body?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sorry, missed out one bit. It should have been “he calmly opened the comments he had written yesterday”

      @ayyshadow, if you see this and are not too busy, could you fix it in the main text? Thanks!

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