Bark!? 14

Bark!? 14

Translator: Baozi

[Chapter 14 – Teeheeheeheehee how embarrassing!]

At dusk, everything between heaven and earth was washed in golden sunlight, glimmering with a magical halo.

Su Cheng who was standing at the public square, rubbed at his eyes.

I love him, I love him so much that my chest hurts a little.

What should I do?

……Maybe this was why, at that moment, he was suddenly unable to persuade himself to continue refraining.

Which is to say that this fountain really was so effective?

Thinking up till this point, Su Cheng’s voice wavered slightly: “……Actually, I also made a wish, the day before yesterday.”

The day before yesterday, after eating his dinner he was taking a walk at the public square, searching for inspiration. He sat down next to the wishing fountain[1] for a while. Remembering Lin Xu’s face as he made his wish, he then took out the only coin in his pocket and threw it inside, having a ‘let’s try it and see’ attitude……

“What did you wish for?” Lin Xu’s long and slender fingers slowly tightened their grip on Su Cheng’s wrist.

“I……” Su Cheng hesitated a few seconds before suddenly burying his head into the pillow, “I’m not telling you ahhhhhhhh!”

Too! Shame! Ful!

“Tell me.” Lin Xu laughed.

Su Cheng fiercely shook his head, face unyielding: “No!”

Lin Xu let out a snort of laughter, stating: “Then I’ll have to let my imagination run wild……could it be that you wished you could be my puppy?”

Su Cheng, face red, grabbed the pillow and smacked Lin Xu with it: “How could that be possible! I’m not a masochist!”

“Then why don’t you say what it was.” Lin Xu lightly pinched his chin, “Otherwise I’ll just assume I was correct.”

“I said, I said……” Su Cheng used the pillow to cover his face. His voice was tinier than a mosquito, causing Lin Xu to have to move his ear closer to be able to hear.

…….What was his wish, hm?

Su Cheng put his hands together, his face serious as he began to earnestly pray.

Fountain, fountain deity, hello, I want……male god to hug me to sleep! Teeheeheeheehee how embarrassing!

Su Cheng squatted down, covering up his flushed face.

The people passing by: ……

Ahhhh sleep and whatnot, too shameful ahhh. Actually, I haven’t made preparations to sleep with male god!


Bathing together is also not a bad idea, hehehe!

Actually, I really want to try having male god feed me by hand!

Or else, letting male god kiss me would also be good, I’d remember it for life!

If that’s not possible, even a hug would be enough!

Su ‘Little’ Cheng, whose mind was running wild, full of delusions, heaved a sigh. He rested his chin on his hand and sat back down next to the fountain.

Wanting to be together with Lin Xu, Su Cheng desolately thought…….if only it could come true.

“……and the result,” Su Cheng’s depressed voice came from behind the pillow, “seems like they all came true?”

He’s slept with him, bathed with him, been fed by him, been kissed and hugged.

However, he was in dog form at the time!

But it’s also true that he didn’t specify that he couldn’t be turned into a dog for those things!

“if there was really a deity……he seems to have a wicked sense of humour?” Su Cheng said angrily.

Lin Xu laughed softly, tugging away the pillow in Su Cheng’s hands: “If that’s so, then there is still that one last wish.”

Su Cheng: “Yes……”

We still haven’t pledged our undying love to each other!

“I love you, please be with me,” Lin Xu held the back of Su Cheng’s neck, pushing their foreheads together, “okay?”

“Okay.” Su Cheng uselessly choked out in between sobs, “I also love you……love you exceedingly.”

Love you so much that I’m even crying uncontrollably!

The instant that those words left his mouth, that toy poodle suddenly rolled over and sat up. Its intelligent, small black eyes darted everywhere.

The atmosphere was filled with soft wonder.

Lin Xu’s hands were holding Su Cheng’s face. Kissing him gently, he softly called his name: “Su Cheng, Su Cheng…..:”

The toy poodle named Su Cheng immediately excitedly threw itself at Lin Xu and licked his face.

Lin Xu: ……

Su Cheng: ……

“Can you change its name?” Su Cheng wasn’t sure whether he should laugh or cry.

I really don’t want to share my name with a dog that can’t control its sphincter!

“I can’t.” Lin Xu solemnly refused, “If I change its name then how can I hug Su Cheng to sleep in the future?”

“You can hug……” Su Cheng retorted quietly, “me.”

“Haha.” Lin Xu exposed smug smile, stretching out both arms, “come, let’s hug.”

The toy poodle who was on the side, witnessing their public display of affection, calmly let out a fart of incomparable stench, then jumped off the bed and ran away.

“It stinks, it stinks!” Su Cheng collapsed and buried his face into the pillow.

Lin Xu, laughed, insanely happy. He raised the corner of the quilt and fanned himself.

Su Cheng wanted to cry but no tears were forthcoming: ……

Can’t my love be free from poop, urine and fart?!




[1] It became wishing pond in this chapter, I have no clue why – maybe the author forgot. I’m keeping it as fountain because the image is nicer in my mind.

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5 thoughts on “Bark!? 14

  1. Fountain, fountain deity, hello, I want……male god to hug me to sleep! Teeheeheeheehee how embarrassing! — Lol it is also embarrassing for me to read XD

    Turn out both make wish and the real culprit indeed is SC, just he doesn’t realise until now that fountain deity indeed had wicked sense of matchmaking hahaha

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  2. I say, I just realised, this whole antics after Su Cheng real body woke up, he is still ONLY IN HIS WHITE UNDIE right?? LMAO

    Even the confession and pledging of undying love done under the….. lol these two XD

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  3. Lololol

    “The toy poodle who was on the side, witnessing their public display of affection, calmly let out a fart of incomparable stench, then jumped off the bed and ran away.”

    Indigestion… lolol

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