RG 033

RG 033


Chapter 33 – The General’s Trouble

After moving his luggage out of the dormitory, Xi Wei bid farewell to Aiden and went back to the palace to accompany his mother and younger siblings. 

Upon hearing that Xi Wei had returned to the palace, Uncle Berg brought his son Brian over. The Fourth Prince and Brian were already eight years old, the two Alphas were particularly lively. As the “leader of the children”, Xi Wei introduced the two little ones to the simulated battle network to play machine armor battle.

Xi Wei named all their accounts, his was called “Big Prince”, Caesar’s was named “Little Prince”, and Brian’s was “Prince’s Son”.

Caesar asked in a confused voice, “Royal Brother, such obvious names, what if someone recognized us? Royal Father will scold us.”

Xi Wei lazily waved his hand and said, “No, if we use such obvious names, people who see them will certainly think that we are pretending, they won’t question our identities.”

Caesar believed his brother’s word and finally made an account. Xi Wei led the two children to each wear a helmet, then enter the simulated Battle Network platform to practice driving machine armors.

The empire’s virtual network platform was more developed than Xi Wei’s realized. As long as the helmet was worn, one would feel as if they had entered an illusory world. There was a shopping street there, selling a variety of products that could also be delivered to the door. There were also social platforms where people from different galaxies could meet each other and sit in a café to chat. Of course, there were also various game platforms for people to enjoy. Among the variety of games, the most popular one was undoubtedly the machine armor battle. Xi Wei really liked it here, when he was still at school, he’d play every day. This time, he played with the two children, Caesar and Brian, who were also having a very good time. The morning soon passed.

In the afternoon, Trand called Xi Wei to an open space in the Palace. He smiled and said, “Nothing much to do today, how about Father teach you a few moves?”

Xi Wei eyes became bright, “Really? That’s great!”

Since the discovery of Xi Wei’s fighting talent, every holiday Trand would often find time to guide Xi Wei. Xi Wei fighting level had improved significantly.

Trand laughed: “Follow me.”

With his siblings watching, Xi Wei happily followed His Majesty. Whatever His Majesty did, Xi Wei would study carefully and then repeat. Looking at the practicing father and son, Queen Anna couldn’t help but smile, “Xi Wei’s personality is becoming more and more siilar with His Majesty, like an alpha.”

Berg also said with a smile, “He can be regarded as the most courageous omega in our Royal Fasmily in so many years.”

As they were talking, Trand suddenly jerked his hand onto Xi Wei shoulder. Surprised, Xi Wei failed to react in time and was pushed to the ground, As he fell ass first on the ground, Xi Wei wondered out loud, “Father, how come you suddenly did a sneak attack?”

Trand smiled, “Who said not to do sneak attacks? If you defy common sense, you may gain an unexpected win, understand?”

Looking at the man’s gentle gaze, Xi Wei’s heart was suddenly filled with warm.

In actuality, Trand’s true combat level was much more powerful than his. Coupled that with the man’s tall and burly figure, if His Majesty really wanted to fight him, the current Xi Wei was certainly not his opponent, His Father was obviously being merciful with him.

Since Xi Wei came to this world, more than 10 years had passed in a blink. What he felt most grateful of was that God gave him so many good and loving family members: a loving father, a gentle mother, a few lovely siblings, and a wise uncle. Every holiday spent together with these families always filled Xi Wei with happiness.

Seeing Xi Wei fell to the ground, Anna instantly started shouting from the side, “Your Majesty, do not hurt him!”

“I won’t.” Trand smiled and stretched out his hand toward Xi Wei.

The teenager’s pair of black’s eyes was actually very similar to Trand’s; each time he looked at Xi Wei’s eyes, Trand always felt like he had returned to his youth. However, as an omega, Xi Wei’s appearance was more delicate, unlike the sharp and fierce look of Trand’s adult alpha self. His lips were like Queen Anna’s, rosy and full, added to that his tall nose and curved eyebrows, they created a very good-looking facial combination.

The thought of sending such a good son to marry someone troubled Trand.

Xi Wei put his hand in his father’s palm, then Trand used a slight force to pull him up. He gently patted Xi Wei’s shoulder, saying, “You take Caesar and Brian to play, I have to find General Craig for something.”

“OK, Father!”

After saying farewell to Trand, Xi Wei went back to his mother. Anna, Berg and the children were sitting in the yard, eating fruit while watching the father and son practising. Upon seeing Xi Wei coming over, Berg said, “In only a year you’ve grown so tall.”

The juvenile approaching them was slender in stature, although he still paled in comparison with adult omegas, his youthfulness added to his charm.

Berg smiled, “Xi Wei, after this school year, you will go to Ellen College right?”

Xi Wei nodded, “Yes.”

Although he did not want to separate from Klaire and Carlo, the rules of the Empire dictated so. As a prince, he of course couldn’t violate it. Fortunately, the technology was very developed in this world, even if they were apart, they could still meet every day in the virtual network. As for the lesson, Xi Wei wasn’t worried at all. With the miniature optical computer given by Uncle Berg in his hand,  he could connect himself to the Imperial Central Library to learn anything even from inside the closed education environment of Ellen College.

Berg then asked, “I heard that you got perfect scores in both machine armor driving theory and machine armor actual combat test?”

Xi Wei answered, ‘Yes, I really like both courses.”

Berg thought for a bit, then took out a small blue crystal from his pocket and put it into Xi Wei’s hand. “Once you go to Ellen College, we won’t meet again for four years. Uncle also can’t send you there properly, so I’m giving you this machine armor that I have personally developed. If necessary, you can use it to protect you.”

Unexpectedly, this blue crystal was a machine armor memory. Xi Wei was overjoyed, he immediately accepted it and said gratefully, “How great! Thank you, uncle!”

Before, he could only rent the school’s machine armor to study. Today, he finally had a machine armor of his own!

Xi Wei immediately released the machine armor from the memory.

The machine armor in front of him was white, more beautiful than any others he had seen at school., The white metal shone under the sunlight, the proportion of the humanoid armor was perfect,  looking as if it was a magnified version of human beings. This mecha was not only beautiful in appearance, but also nearly twice as large as the machine armor used by Xiwei in school!
Feeling excited, Xi Wei looked back at Uncle Berg and asked, “Uncle, can I try to drive it?”

“Of course, it will be yours in the future, you can do whatever you want,” said Berg.

Xi Wei immediately put the machine armor’s cockpit down. The two younger children were extremely curious, they each grabbed one of Xi Wei’s hands and pleaded, “Brother Wang, I also want to go up”; “Cousin, take me!”

Under the children’s hopeful gazes, Xi Wei smiled and put both boys into the machine armor’s cockpit.

The cockpit was more spacious than the ones he had seen in school. On the snow-white platform were a few rows of neat silver-colored keys. Xi Wei started the machine armor, the big screen in front of them lit up, just as the machine armor’s eyes opened with bright silver light.

“Activation complete, asking the host to please give instructions.”

Hearing the mechanized voice in his ears, the excited Xi Wei immediately pressed the forward button.

The mecha really walked forward, taking a step dozens times bigger than humans’. Just with one step, it could advance tens or so meters in distance.

Xi Wei drove the new machine armor around the Palace. Caesar and Brian sat on either sides of the First Prince, watching the Prince operating the machine handsomely –running, jumping, and even flying across the palace– the two children were very excited.

They played until dark.  Xi Wei’s communication instrument suddenly lit up, showing a text message from Klaire: “Xi Wei, is it convenient to do video call right now? I have something to tell you.”

Seeing the blond-haired, blue-eyed teenager that appeared on the virtual screen in front of them, Caesar couldn’t help but frown: “This Klaire again, always bothering Royal Brother every day, so annoying.”

Brian echoed him, “That’s right!”

Caesar continued, “Royal Brother, just ignore him, let’s continue to play.”

Brian echoed again, “That’s right!”

“No, brother has something to do, you go to dinner first.” Xi Wei smiled and put the two unwilling children on the ground, letting the guards escort them back to the palace. Then, he parked the machine armor in a spacious corner and accepted Klaire’s video call invitation. He exclaimed happily, “Klaire, let me tell you a good news, today my uncle gave me a really beautiful white machine armor! Can you see it? I’m in the cockpit of the armor now!”

Looking at the young man’s excited appearance, Klaire couldn’t resist a smile to form on his lips, “I can see it, looks very good!”

Grinning, Xi Wei asked, “By the way, why are you looking for me?”

Klaire’s expression became serious as he said, “Today, Carlo went to ask the Head of the Central Hospital about the new medicine that Uncle Randy told us. Although it has a much better effect than the previous one, for omega patients, at maximum it can only control the disease until they are 18 years old.”

Xi Wei also put away his smile. He had long thought that the new medicine was not very reliable, so he wasn’t that surprised after hearing this news. He nodded, “That means this new medicine can only be used by Aiden for four years. After four years, if there is no better medicine, Aiden disease will be uncontrollable?”

“Yes,” Klaire confirmed, “so we have to find another way.”

Xi Wei was silent for a moment before asking, “Do you have something else to say? It’s not another bad news, is it?”

“This one should be a good news. I checked the names of family members of all military alphas in the Empire who died in service, but I didn’t find Randy’s name.” Klaire explained. “There are three possibilities for this result. First, Randy deliberately modified his own information, he wasn’t called Randy before, and his background might be more special than we thought. Second, Randy’s alpha wasn’t a soldier, but someone ordinary who has not been recorded by the military corps and may have died due to an accident. But this is unlikely because Aiden was born during the time when the war between The Empire and The Federal was at its peak, most alphas in the capital were largely enlisted back then.”

Klaire then continued, “There is a third possibility, that is, Randy’s alpha is not dead like we guessed. He is still alive, but for some reason, he was separated from both Randy and his son.”

Hearing this, Xi Wei’s eyes turned bright, “So, Aiden’s alpha father is very likely still alive! I always feel that Uncle Randy has a lot of things to hide from us. As long as we find that alpha, Aiden will be saved!”

Xi Wei’s feeling for Aiden was very special. After sharing a room for so many years, to him Aiden was like a little brother who he had watched grow up. He spent more time with Aiden than he did with his own younger brother, Caesar,  so Xi Wei was naturally very concerned about Aiden’s illness.

“Did you find any clues about that alpha?” Xi Wei asked expectantly.

“This is the troublesome part.”  said Klaire, “Even if we know that the alpha is still alive, the alpha gene warehouse is the highest confidential place in the empire, no one can open it except for the Omega Protection Association and genetic experts, and it’s only when necessary. We can’t use Aiden’s gene to do paternity test directly. I’ve been checking with Carlo for quite a while but still haven’t found any useful information.”

Xi Wei thought for a bit, before asking, “Why don’t we go find Randy? Randy should be the clearest about the alpha’s identity.”

“I think so, too.” Klaire nodded, “Let’s arrange for a time with Carlo,  we’ll go to Aiden’s house as soon as possible.”

“How about tomorrow?  About 10 o’clock in the morning tomorrow, I will pick you up.” Xi Wei made the decision,”I’ll say hello to Aiden first, you go and inform Carlo.”

“OK, see you tomorrow.”

After ending the call, Xi Wei went to ask permission from his father. However, at his father’s palace, he was told by the guards that His Majesty had gone to General Craig’s residence to talk. Xi Wei had to change his destination to General Craig’s place.

There was a large yard behind the palace in which the resting place for the royal escort had been built. Each soldier had their own room, and the taller building in the middle was General Craig’s residence.

When Xi Wei came to this world and caught first sight of the strange general, the man was sporting a facial paralysis face. After all these years, he remained the same-old man who spoke in a solemn manner -stiff like a statue with only his lips moving. There was never a significant other by his side; it seemed like he would forever be alone.

The Empire’s Alphas could live for over 200 years, and general Craig was not even 40 years old yet, still at his prime.

At work, he was undoubtedly a conscientious man, always doing an almost impeccable job at the tasks given by His Majesty. However, in life, even Xi Wei felt that this man was somewhat clueless about anything involving feelings, like a hard stone that was impossible to open up. Otherwise, with his handsome appearance and his distinguished status as the head of the Royal Guards, how could he’s still single after so many years?

Having the opportunity to visit Crag’s residence today, Xi Wei couldn’t help feeling curious. He went forward to enter the place.

Here was the deepest courtyard of the palace. The surrounding was quiet, especially this late at night. The robots who were guarding the palace scanned Xi Wei’s pupils and gained him access automatically. Xi Wei was soon standing on the other end of the door.

To his surprise, he could hear a vague conversation going on inside.

The voices became clearer the closer he got. Xi Wei immediately fled to hide behind a large pillar.

“People from the Omega Protection Association came to me today. The Berch family’s little daughter is 18 years old this year, her character is gentle, sensible, and she looks very beautiful.” This gentle voice belonged Queen Anna’s. She paused for a bit, then continued, “I heard their proposal was rejected by General?”

“Yes, Queen,” answered Craig with an expressionless face.

“Craig, you led the Royal Guards to guard the security of the palace, and I have come to regard you as a family in these years.” This time it was His Majesty Trand’s voice, sounding a bit deep and mellow, “I and Anna, all we want is to have an omega accompanying you, taking care of you, and giving you children. Only then can we feel at ease.”

Craig calmly said, “Thank you for Your Majesty and the Queen’s concern, but I have no intention to get married at present.”

“Don’t be so stubborn.” Anna softly persuaded, “Since that accident in Ellen College – back then in order to escort me back to the palace, you suffered a serious injury –  my heart has always been feeling very sorry.  Let the Omega Association introduce you to someone, this is the decision that I have consulted with His Majesty. We hope that you will be able to have a family of your own.”

Trand supported, “Yes, Craig, don’t be too quick to reject the idea of marriage. With your status, the Omega Association will certainly introduce you to a good partner. The little daughter of the Berch family, Anna has seen her. According to her, she seems to be very gentle and thoughtful, very well-matched with you… If you don’t like this type of gentle partner, you can also tell the association your preference.”

Still with his expressionless face, Craig politely refused, “Thank you for Your Majesty’s good intentions, but I’m usually too busy to take care of a wife, it’s better not to waste other people’s time.”

Anna felt helpless, talking with this hard stone was really like a chicken arguing with a duck. After a moment of silence, she asked, “Then, don’t tell me you want to be single for a lifetime?”

Craig placed his right hand over his left chest where his heart was, respectfully saluting the two people in a standard royal ceremony, then said: “Your Majesty, Queen, I would like to guard the safety of the Palace for the rest of my life, this is the mission that my father gave me.”

Anna: “…”

Trand: “…”

The husband and wife looked at each other. Frustrated, Anna rubbed at her temple, feeling a headache coming. “Fine, then I’ll go to the Omega Association to send my greeting and let them know not to bother you again.”

Craig: ”Thank you, Queen.”

Trand and Anna turned away with depressed expressions, making Xi Wei, who had been listening from his hiding place behind the big pillar, struggle to hold his laughter.

When he was a child, he once heard Uncle Berg talking about Craig’s family. Craig’s biological father was the head of the previous generation of the Royal Guards. Before he died, he passed the general position to Craig and asked the man to protect His Majesty’s safety. Craig then sworn to do so on his father’s dying bed, this made him extremely loyal to His Majesty Trand.

The Royal Guards Corp was the first Royal Army formed by His Majesty, its strenght was as powerful as the other army corps in the empire. Their main task was to safeguard the safety of the royal family, so every one of the royal family members had a good relationship with the head of the corp,  and even regarded him as family,

Craig was simply a bullhead. Father and Mother must be angry with him. Because they thought of him as family, they had the good intention of introducing him to someone, yet the man actually put up an “I will be single forever” attitude. What kind of man is that? Doesn’t he have a physical need?

Out of curiosity, Xi Wei glanced at the man. At this time, His Majesty Trand and Queen Anna had gone far. Craig lowered his head, taking out something from his pocket.

Even with the bright street lamp, it took Xi Wei quite a lot of effort to see the thing clearly. Inside the man’s grasp was a ring. The ring’s appearance was very special, shaped like a crescent moon which glowed a luster blue under the light.

Unexpectedly, Xi Wei saw a faint expression of loss on this facial paralysis general’s face.

Craig stared at the ring, his eyes looking at it without blinking, seemingly to be in a bit of a trance. After a while, he whispered, “I don’t know where you are, or how you are doing…”

Xi Wei’s eyes widen in surprise. This situation seemed strange; for Craig to be making this kind of expression, was he thinking about his lover? If so, it would explain why he has been single for so many years and has repeatedly rejected the proposal from the Omega Association.

Was it because he had a favorite person in his heart that he couldn’t accept other people as his partner?

To make him look so dazed over a ring, it seemed that General Craig was quite infatuated with that person.

But, somehow the ring feels familiar…

Xi Wei thought about it but still couldn’t figure out where he had seen it. Not long after, he quietly withdrew from behind the pillar, turning back towards his palace.

On the way back, he met Trand and Queen Anna. Xi Wei walked up to them and said, “Father, can I go out tomorrow? I want to meet my classmates.”

Anna smiled, “Are you going to find Klaire?”

Xi Wei did not hesitate to confirm, “Yes, mother, I have made an appointment with him.”

Anna glanced at Trand, persuading him, “Xi Wei must feel quite bored to stay in the palace all day, let him go out to breathe?”

Trand nodded, “Go, I’ll tell General Craig to escort you.”

Xi Wei was quick to object, “No, father, I will go on my own.”

“The Prince must be escorted by the Royal Guard, this is the rule of the royal family.” Trand whispered, “Besides, you are an omega, if anything happens to you, the consequences would be unthinkable. Let the royal guard accompany you, Craig must also feel bored staying in the palace all the time, let him go with you as a distraction.”

Helpless, Xi Wei had to smile and agreed, “Alright, thank you, father!”


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  1. I feel like General Creg had an amnesia or sumthing… And that ring he subconsciously thinks that its important and even if he couldnt remember…there must be an engraving that hints he had a lover.

    Randy was probably hurt during the time he wasnt remembered by Creg…like he saw him with some girl and when he approached him.. creg was”you…who are you?” So when they met again in the precious chapter.. randy was bitter and doesnt acknowledge creg.. but creg has a deep impression on randy..

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