RG 32

RG 32


Chapter 32 – Partnership

In Carlo’s mind, Xi Wei was a violent freak. He had no idea how Klaire could’ve come to like Xi Wei. Does Klaire have masochist tendencies? 

After falling silent for a while, Carlo finally digested this confession and asked a bit awkwardly, “Xi Wei? Are you sure you like him? He’s more powerful than alphas… ”

Klaire’s face was also somewhat worried. Pretending to sigh helplessly, he said, “Yes, he is so powerful, he is also a prince. My road to be with him will not be easy… So, I hope you can help me.”

“How can I help you?” Carlo was unsure, “You want me to help you defeat Xi Wei together?”

“…” This guy really is a nerd. Klaire helplessly looked at him, “That year, when news of Uncle Berg getting married broke out, there were many alphas who went to the palace to propose, but in the end His Majesty chose your uncle Drew. You should have heard about it, right?”

Carlo nodded, “I know about this matter. My father said that my uncle fell at first sight for His Highness Berg. He stalked our family patriarch everywhere to urge him to propose. His Majesty Tran thought his character seemed genuine and honest, he wouldn’t treat His Highness Berg badly, therefore he agreed to their marriage.”

What Carlo knew was merely the surface. In actuality, His Majesty consented to the marriage because Drew was related to Berch family, it was clearly a political marriage.

Klaire went on to say: “After Xi Wei reaches adulthood, His Majesty will definitely find an excellent alpha for him. The marriage union between the Royal Family and Military people is a tradition that has lasted for hundreds of years. His Majesty is very fond of the Berch family, you and Xi Wei are the same age as well. What if to increase intimacy between your families, His Majesty makes you marry Xi Wei…”

Carlo was stunned, his mind flashed back to the time years ago when little Xi Wei kicked him to the ground, almost knocking his front teeth off. He couldn’t help the wince as a feeling of phantom tooth pain washed over him. He hurriedly said,”I will never agree.”

Klaire smiled and patted Carlo on the shoulder, “Then we are on the same page. You…don’t rob me of Xi Wei.”

Carlo couldn’t help saying, “You can rest assured that I will never rob you of Xi Wei.” You can take Xi Wei, that beast. All alphas in the Empire will thank you.

Thinking of those alpha classmates who ran away frightened every time they saw Xi Wei driving his machine armor, a smile bloomed on Klaire’s face. “It’s good that you have no interest in Xi Wei. There are many alphas that will be pressured by their families to pursue a marriage with Xi Wei, there will also be alphas with strong personalities who wish to conquer Xi Wei. My love rivals are quite a lot, I will need your help.”

Carlo understood what Klaire was thinking. Klaire wanted him to stand on his side when the time came. Two people joining hands together would be better than fighting alone. If he had help, Klaire’s final victory would be a very big possibility.

Helping a friend to chase after his wife was a matter of course. But at the thought of Klaire chasing after a wife who was more powerful than him… Carlo’s expression turned a little awkward.

“Are you in a hurry?” Carlo touched his nose and asked.

Klaire answered, “Of course I am. But when the moment comes, we’ll just play it by the ear.”

“Okay. ” Carlo paused, then reluctantly asked,” Are you sure you want to marry Xi Wei? Aren’t you afraid he’ll punch you every day? ”

Klaire smiled, “Not afraid.”

Carlo gave Klaire a thumbs up, silently praising his courage.

Since the the two of them knew each other’s secrets now, Carlo no longer concealed his worries and said, “With Xi Wei, even though he is violence, at least his body is very healthy. He’ll reach 18 years old with no problem. But Aiden…” when it came to this point, Carlo was very distressed, “there is still no sure way to control his illness. I won’t pretend to know what his father is thinking, but what if the new medicine developed by the experts at the central hospital is unsuccessful? Aiden might…”

He might die.

But Carlo didn’t say this out aloud.

During these few years of getting along, Carlo found himself unable to resist looking after Aiden’s condition. Every time the thought of this quiet and gentle boy lying cold on the bed with his eyes closed forever entered his mind, Carlo’s heart ached, almost like it was stabbed by a kinfe..

He always remembered that one time he carried Aiden to the infimary. He was still so young then, Aiden was also merely a child. That day, the boy laid obediently on his back, the little arms looped around his neck were thin and fragile, they looked as if a little force could break them; his breaths brushed gently against his ears, so soft it seemed like they might disappear at any time.

These past years, he witnessed as that clever child slowly grew up, becoming the quiet and gentle teenager that he was now. Carlo’s love for him also grew more and more intense. Although he never said anything, Aiden had been going to the hospital every week to take blood test. Every day before meals he’d eat a lot of pills, something that normal people might not be able to endure, but Aiden quietly got through. Medical technology had developed rapidly in recent years, and the medicines Aiden now used had a much better effect than before; he rarely fainted. However Carlo still did not feel at ease. Aiden’s disease was like a thorn buried in his heart; as long as it wasn’t completely pulled out, he would keep on feeling its stung from time to time.

Thinking of this, Carlo finally said, “We should think of a way, we can’t just sit still.”

“This disease occurred because of problems at the hematopoietic stem cells. Stem cells transplant is needed to completely cure it, it’s useless to just rely on medicine.” Klaire said.

Carlo nodded solemnly, “You are right, even if Uncle Randy said that the new medicine is really effective, it will only achieve the role of controlling the disease, not curing it completely. And then Aiden will still have to eat a lot of pills every day… Will he need to eat medicine for his whole life?”

Carlo felt annoyed just thinking about that, he wanted to just take all the pills from the boy’s hand and throw them away. Carlo clenched his fist and said in earnest, “I must find a way to save him.”

Klaire bowed his head to think, before finally saying, “Alright, let’s do it.  We will have holiday after the final exam in a few days. At that time I’ll go to check out the details about Uncle Randy, while you go to the central hospital to ask about the medicine research progress and its specific effects. Your grandfather’s connection is so broad, this should not be difficult.”

Carlo nodded immediately: “Okay, I’ll ask when I get back.”

At this year final exam, Xi Wei once again smashed a lot of alphas with his full scores. Klaire and Carlo also got good results, especially in driving practice course – they got perfect scores! It was because they had been practicing their driving skills with XI Wei every day.

Aiden didn’t take any practical exams, only a few theoretical courses. His mathematics had gotten much better with Xi Wei’s help, however he was naturally sensitive to numbers. The math problems only got harder the higher their grades, so in the end he only scored 70 at the final exam, passing at the barest point.

However, for him and Xi Wei the results of this exam were no longer important, because starting from the next school year they would leave St.Paul Academy to enter Ellen College in Andromeda Galaxy.

Carlo was obviously very reluctant to separate from Aiden. On the night of the exam, he brought Aiden into the five-star fruit forest.

Aiden looked at the other teenager’s serious expression and asked confusedly, “Class Leader, do you need me for something?”

Carlo scratched his head and took out something from behind him, “This is for you.”

“What is this?” Aiden asked as he looked at the strange-shaped silver plate in front of him.

Carlo’s face was a bit hot, yet he pretended to be calm, “It’s obviously a fruit plate made from tree leaves… Are you so stupid that you can’t see it?”

Aiden thought: You are the one who made it look so ugly, yet you still have the nerve to say I’m stupid? From which point does this crooked thing look like a fruit plate? Are you sure that all the fruits put inside won’t just roll to the floor?

A few years ago Aiden had wanted to use five-star fruit tree leaves to make a silver plate for his design class but was unexpectedly provoked by Joen and his friends. He fainted and was taken back to the infirmary by Carlo. Later on, Aiden once again continued his plan to make a fruit plate from the leaves, therefore finding the benefits of this leaf.

The general leaves would quickly wither and rot after a while, but the five-star fruit leaves could be preserved even with the trunks intact. The silvery-white luster on the surface of the leaves seemed to be a natural protective barrier which ensured that they wouldn’t wither. Aiden was fond of these shiny silver leaves, he would often pick them up to make small things. He thought that if used well, in the future these leaves could be used in many design products, especially for decoration.

Carlo heard that Aiden made a fruit plate out of five-star fruit leaves for the final exam and won first place. Out of curiosity, he secretly picked up a bunch of leaves and learned to make a plate. The outcome was a complete mess, it didn’t even resemble one!

This black history would leave a stain inside his heart for a lifetime, but, Klaire’s words enlightened him.

If he liked someone, it was necessary to face his own heart. If he didn’t take the initiative to seize his beloved, Aiden might be married off to another alpha!

They would be separated soon, Carlo’s heart was very reluctant. So with a thick cheek he took out this fruit plate and gave it to Aiden, saying: “It’s a gift for you. If you don’t like it, you can disassemble it and use the leaves to make something else.”

Aiden looked at the crooked fruit plate and couldn’t help but smile, “Thank you, Class Leader.”

Carlo was stunned.

The smiling teenager in front of  him looked incredibly beautiful. Such a soft smile, with a peek of white teeth and red tender tongue looming underneath rosy lips, tickled the bottom of his heart like a cat’s claws. Carlo stared intently at those lips, his body suddenly felt hot as an even stronger impulse to kiss the boy hit him.

“I’m going back first, Xi Wei is still waiting for me to pack my bags.”Aiden said.

“……Oh.” Carlo returned to reality, and quickly followed Aiden.

The two walked together, the silvery five-star fruit trees flashed around them as if following the disorderly rhythm of Carlo’s heartbeat.

The moment they were out of the woods, Aiden suddenly whispered, “Carlo, I have a few words to say to you.”

Carlo quickly stopped walking and shot him a nervous look, “What do you want to talk about? You can tell me.”

Aiden was silent for a moment, then he softly said: “You grew up hating omegas, always saying omegas are too troublesome. Yet you are good friends with Xi Wei because Xi Wei is a very special omega who isn’t inferior to alpha in all aspects, and I… I know that I’m the kind of omegas you hate.”

As someone who usually sat by the sidelines, Aiden was able to see everything very clearly.

Aiden paused for a bit, then turned around and looked at Carlo, “Although you hate omegas, you have to know that the truth is, omegas themselves didn’t wish to be one. We were born like this, no one can choose what or who they’ll be born as. After reaching adulthood, your family will surely let you marry a good omega. I hope you can treat them well, don’t despise them, otherwise, they will be very sad.”

“…” Carlo stared at Aiden. At that moment he finally realized that all those words he spouted in the past must have deeply hurt the sensitive teenager. No omega would feel happy when he displayed his despise so blatantly in front of them. Moreover, Aiden also got a serious illness, he himself probably felt that he had become a problem to his father.

Although Aiden said nothing, he actually had a kind and sensitive heart.

Carlo suddenly felt extremely pissed at himself, he felt that the young him was someone whose brain was submerged deep in water!

As Xi Wei said, when you were born as a strong alpha, what qualifications do you have to despise omegas? Do you think those omegas are happy? God was unfair to them, yet here he was, ironically speaking about how troublesome they were. He never thought about it before – how hard it must’ve been for those omegas to hear that… How uncomfortable were they in their heart?

Looking at Aiden’s clear and soft eyes, Carlo was immediately ashamed. How he wanted to dig a hole and bury himself right now!

“I, in fact, I… the feeling I have for you, it’s not hate…” Carlo’s mind was too messy to explain. Aiden softly interrupted him, “It doesn’t matter, I can understand. The environment of the empire is like this, there are countless alphas who have the same thought as you, you are just one of them. I have no way to change your mind, I only hope that you’ll at least respect Xi Wei enough to treat your future omega wife better.”

Aiden smiled then continued, “I don’t know how long I can live, I may not live to see the day you get married in the future…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Seeing how calmly the other teenager uttered this sentence, Carlo’s heart ached and he quickly interrupted him. He clenched his hands on Aiden’s shoulder, “You won’t die, you hear me? I won’t let you die! You can just follow Xi Wei leisurely to Ellen College, about your illness… I’ll find a way.”

Aiden’s shoulder was clenched tightly, making him wince a little.

Shocked by his own lack of control, Carlo immediately let go and saw a red mark bloomed on Aiden’s otherwise flawless collarbone. Carlo quickly asked nervously, “You, are you all right? Did I hurt you? I’m sorry… I… ”

Aiden interrupted him again, “It’s fine, I’m going back first.”

Carlo watched as his thin figure turned and walked away, his hands itching to land a smack at his own head.

The smitten teenager stood still at that place for quite a long time, in his mind he was wondering how should he express his feeling for his beloved. Even more so, how to make Aiden see him in a favorable light?

The only one he could blame was his cheap younger self who spouted “omegas are very troublesome” every day.

Look how it turned out now – he liked Aiden! What a troublesome situation!

Aiden returned to the dorm and found Klaire helping Xi Wei packing. Xi Wei saw the silver plate in his hands and wondered, “Did you go out to collect leaves and make things? But that plate is so crooked.” Xi Wei said in disapproval after looking at the plate, “Your creations are usually so beautiful, this is different from usual, why is that?”

Aiden smiled and said, “It was made by the class leader, he gave it to me as a gift.”

Xi Wei was surprised, “Carlo? This guy’s head is really different from ordinary people. What did he mean by giving you such an ugly dish? Forget it. Just pack up your things, we will go together tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Aiden turned to pack.

Klaire helped Xi Wei pack the last of his belongings and turned around, “Aiden, do you need help?”

Xi Wei was the one answering, “You can go back. Aiden’s handicrafts are particularly fragile, you are so clumsy, what if you broke them? I’ll help him.”

Klaire was helpless and had no choice but to smile and said, “Alright, then I will be going first. Let’s meet up again on holidays.”

Back at his dormitory, Klaire found Carlo on the sofa with his head down, frowning. His forlorn appearance made Klaire laugh. He came over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Carol was silent for a moment before he whispered, “Aiden seems to… hate me.”

Klaire thought, it’d be a wonder if he doesn’t. He is no masochist, and you spouted ‘omegas are troublesome’ every day. If he were Xi Wei, you’d have long lost your teeth. Aiden didn’t hit you because his character has always been gentle. Even if he hates you in his heart, he won’t confront you openly.

Carlo looked up at Klaire and continued, “What do you think I should do? He had a very bad impression of me and asked me to be better for my future omega wife… He must think I will abuse my wife in the future.”

In this moment, the always confident Carlo looked very frustrated. Why did he have to leave such a bad impression in Aiden’s heart? It was humiliating to hear Aiden say “be better for your future wife”.

Klaire patted him on the shoulder, “It’s useless to beat yourself here ah, just tell him outrightly. How is he to know whether you like or dislike him if you don’t tell him?”

Carlo was doubtful, “Then why don’t you tell Xi Wei?”

Klaire smiled, “Xi Wei is different. He is so violent, If I confess to him now, he might use force against me. You have to keep it a secret, don’t spill the beans.”

Carlo imagined Klaire being chased everywhere by Xi Wei after confessing, and turned to him with a sympathetic look, “I’m still looking for a suitable opportunity to tell Aiden, the most important thing right now is to cure his illness.”

Klaire nodded, “You are right. Once we go back, just follow my words and keep in touch.”

The next day the students went home. Carlo went straight to his Grandpa’s residence.

The size of the Berch Family was extremely large. Old Aston was currently living with Carlo’s uncle, the head of the Serpent Corps ̶ General Drew. Their residence had a large courtyard, along with a three-story armor manufacturing workshop. Carlo entered the house and found his cousin Brian tossing a small machine armor in the yard. Probably because the trajectory line was wrong, the machine armor slammed to the ground right in front of him, giving Carlo a fright.

“Brian, can you be more stupid,” said Uncle Berg with a frown.

Brian said bitterly, “Dad, this route is very difficult ah!”

Father and son were still talking when they saw Carlo. Berg immediately smiled and approached him, “Carlo, how come you are here?”

Brian also ran over: “Brother, you have finished your exam?”

“Yes, I just finished the exam today.” answered Carlo.

“Are you looking for your uncle?” asked Berg. “He went out, there was a task from the military. He is not at home these days.”

Carlo hurriedly clarified, “No, I came to see Grandpa.”

“Your grandfather is pondering on new machine armor parts. This way, he is on the third floor, go up and look for him.”

Berg took Carlo to the entrance of the three-story machine armor manufacturing workshop and opened the door for him. Carlo took the elevator to the third floor, and sure enough he saw a gray-haired old man sitting cross-legged, studying machine armor parts on the ground. Once he saw Carlo, the old man narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Carlo? Why are you here? Are you looking for Grandpa?”

Carlo said seriously, “Grandpa, I have something I’d like to ask you for help.”

Aston glanced at him, in his heart he couldn’t help thinking: Just like his father, so simple-minded and straightforward, never bothering with pleasantries.

Carlo continued: “You and the Chairman of the Imperial Central Hospital are good friends, right? I have a classmate with a difficult-to-cure terminal illness. I heard the central hospital is currently developing a new medicine for this disease, I would like to know the progress of this medicine and its effects.”

‘Classmate ‘ Aston caught the key in his words and wondered,”Do you care about this classmate?”

“I am the class leader, caring about the students is a must.” Carlo pretended to be calm on the surface, but in his heart he was actually feeling guilty.

Aston guessed sharply, “Is he an omega?”

Carlo: “…”

“Oh, I see,” said Aston with a smile.

Carlo’s face suddenly turned red – What do you see ah! I have said that as the class leader it’s normal for me to be concerned about my classmates!

The number of times Aston had seen this sullen grandson of his embarrassed could probably be counted on both hands. Teenagers were the age for puppy loves, it was normal for him to start liking an omega.

After a moment of silence, Aston said, “Alright, I’m meeting the Chairman at dinner tomorrow to talk about the research plans of a new batch of surgical robots, you can come along to ask him in person.”

“Thank you, Grandpa!” said Carlo gratefully.

The next day, Carol went to dinner with his Grandpa and met the white-haired old Chairman of the Imperial Central Hospital. Halfway through dinner, Aston winked at Carlo to prompt him to ask. Carlo quickly asked in a polite tone, “Grandpa Chairman, I have a classmate with hemophagocytic syndrome. He has been eating medicine since childhood to control this disease, but the doctor said this medicine will no longer able to control it once he reaches 14 years old. Is there another medicine for this disease?”

The chairman listened to him and said, “Oh, this disease is relatively rare. The hospital’s experts have been developing new medicine to deal with this disease in recent years and have made a major breakthrough. The period of clinical trials have also ended, it have been proved harmless to human body and can be put into use immediately. It should be able to save your classmate.”

Carol’s heart was relieved, “Is this medicine better than the previous one?”

The Chairman smiled and said,”The effect is certainly better than before, the dosage is also less than before, it only have to be eaten once a day. Alphas and betas can use it to control the disease for life. But if the patient happens to be an omega, at max it’ll only be able to control the disease until they are 18. It’s because omegas will undergo estrus every year since 18, the level of immune function and pheromone in their body will change dramatically, and the drug will have difficulty to keep everything under control.”

Hearing this, Carlo’s previously happy mood fell to the bottom. The rest of dinner he continued to sullenly eat the food in front of him, finding it difficult to swallow.

After returning home that night, Carlo immediately video called Klaire to tell him about the news he received.

Klaire put down the black cat in his arms to let it play. He listened to Carlo before nodding, “Sure enough, it seems that even with the developed technology, it’s still impossible for the new medicine to  replace the hematopoietic system. In the end, the only possibility is to do stem cells transplant.”

Carlo asked, “How’s your end?”

“I used the access given to me by my father to look through the data of all the Alpha soldiers who died in the battlefield over the years. In order to grant condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers, the names of all the family members are recorded.” Klaire paused, then continued slowly, “But I found that noone of the fallen alpha soldiers had companion called Randy.”

Surprised, Carlo inquired ecstatically, “You mean, Aiden’s alpha father… he is still alive?”



I find it funny that of all my projects this story is the easiest to translate, yet it has the most word count/ch. To compare them (in rough estimation): 1 ch of RG = 1,5 ch of UD = 2,5 ch of WFYO *cries*

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  1. I’m so proud of Carlo now.
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  2. Huehuehue the plot thickens…. //I’m actually feeling dumb right now because I don’t know what’s happening and what’s what but omg XD the alphas band together to save Aiden :3 and the omegas be like, alphas be alphas XD
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  3. Unless it was something as despicable as rpe or an affair between them I can’t understand how Aiden’s father can be some selfish about this shouldn’t all parents want the absolute best for their kids having poor Aiden sit on the sidelines of life forever only taking pills to see tomorrow is no way to live

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  4. Haha Carlo… scared of Xi Wei. But it’s so cute that they’re “best friends.” Carlo’s a good boy even though he’s so awkward. I think when he was younger and he kept saying omegas are troublesome, he was just being practical and straight forward since it’s true they are troublesome hahaha. He was too young to understand other people’s feelings. Kids are pure but also pretty mean lol.

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