Update Schedule

Update Schedule

I moved back to my hometown at the beginning of this month and have been quite busy ever since bc I  also have a fulltime job here now. And so I decided to put both Runaway Guide and Undead on hiatus for the time being and only focus on Waiting for You Online.

It doesn’t mean that I’ll cease updating RG and UD completely. I’ll still update them from time to time whenever I have free time, without a fixed schedule.  Meanwhile, for WFYO, I’ll try to update as frequently as I can, weekly for sure (starting this week), but the number of chapters will depend on my time.

So in conclusion, forget about my old update schedule of 2ch/week for all projects, it worked when I was still in my last year in uni, but definitely not now that I work 8-5 every day.



27 thoughts on “Update Schedule

  1. First! Congratulations on your full-time job!!! Congrats! Congrats! You should definitely put work/money first. I love your translations, but I know we’re all willing to wait for you. Your translations are the best! For a native English-speaker and reader, it reads so well, just so very, very well. I always look forward to them and WFYO is just a fantastic story. I’m so glad you picked it and decided to share it with more ppl. Thank you!

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  2. Congratulation on your new job. I’m so happy to hear that you have started a new phase, and even though it’s a bit sad that we won’t get updates as often as before, I know that IRL should be first, and I’m still thankful that you don’t abandon the projects entirely.

    Hoping you can get used to your new schedule fast and may your co-workers & boss are not a-hole.

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  3. Woahhhhh..selamat buat kerjaan barunyaaa ayyyy. Rapopo ih. Kami akan tetap setia menununggu… 😘😘😘 kapanpunnn. 😚😚😚


  4. Congrats on joining us drudges in corporate hel—uh, I mean, congrats on joining the workforce! XD

    But yeah, working 8-5 = no time for translation *shrugs* Wish you all the best!


  5. Congratulations and welcome onboard to become an employee!! Believe me you will enjoy your life more on this side. Cheers!!


  6. congrats on the new job!! I hope you settle in quickly, it can be chaotic to be the new person around. and thank you for sharing info on the project schedules/plans with us ❤


  7. 👏👏👏👏 congratulations on your graduation. Also congratulations on having a job. Welcome to the adult world and thank you for still updating even if your too busy. Fighting!!! We can do this. 👍


  8. Congrats on your graduation and being fresh blood in the work force. It’ll be a bit rough at first with anyone at a new job…so hanging there…. and best of luck to you. Also thank you a bunch for your wonderful translation.


  9. Good luck in your job! Thank you for not dropping them, even if the release isn’t as often and maybe we won’t get a chapter for weeks or months, knowing that there will be a chapter eventually, that we aren’t waiting for nothing, is really a relief.
    I blabbed too much. Anyway, thank you for the hard work ≧ω≦


  10. I am really hope that you will come back and translate it for us.. I am dotting on this novel.. hope to hear any news from you soon. 🙂


  11. I just read the announcement.

    Congratulation on getting a job!

    I’ll read wfuo in the meantime while waiting for rg to get updated.

    It’s OK as long as its not dropped.

    Thanks for your hard work!

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