WFYO 066

WFYO 066


066. Taking Revenge and Wiping Out a Grudge

When it was time for Hou Dongyan to come forward, he put his hands together over his heart and prayed silently: ‘Amitabha please don’t let it be a monster ah ~ even if it’s a monster, please don’t be some witty ones ah ~ even if it’s a witty monster, please don’t be one that gives out math problems ah ~ even if it’s one that gives out math problems, please let it be an easy question that I can answer correctly ah…’ After he was done preparing his psychology, Qi Tian squatted down and opened the next box. Immediately, a golden light flashed before them – treasure, it’s the treasure box!(⊙o⊙)

Fire: “What a good luck ah.”

Nine Hall His Highness: “Yes ah, unexpectedly opened the treasure chest on our second try!”

Even Hou Dongyan was surprised by his own luck, it took a while for him to react… When his reaction did come,  he was left in tears of excitement!

The next moment, a message flashed on the world channel:

“The player ‘The Great Heaven-Like Leftover’ found a mysterious treasure chest and obtained lapis lazuli and hidden charm!”

Nine Hall His Highness exclaimed, “Oh, you’re on TV!”

If rare materials and skill books appeared inside a treasure chest, the system would announce the name of the person who opened the box on the world channel, but even so, these treasures would still be distributed by the captain. In addition to the lapis lazuli and hidden charm that was announced, there were also a few gems and scrolls in the box, but these were more common.

Fire took the initiative to ask Qi Tian: “This lapis lazuli, can you give it to me?”

Hou Dongyan had received a lot of favors during this dungeon run. Currently, his friend list had started to flash non-stop, all because he appeared on TV, which was also thanks in part to the Great God’s team… He couldn’t thank the Great God enough, so he would never refute this request of his.

The Great Leftover: “Of course. Great God, you can take anything you want, no need to ask me!”

After Fire had saved the lapis lazuli into his inventory, Leisured Cloud asked: “Have you studied the use of lapis lazuli in this game?”

Lapis Lazuli was a new material that came out after the holographic release. He remembered they also got one in the demonic dungeon, which was also taken by Fire. However, the stone’s properties was said to be mysterious,  and at that time they still hadn’t studied what they could do with it.

Fire “hmm” -ed and said, “When the time comes, I want to use it as a grindstone for Ah Jin’s claws.”

He Jin: “…”

The team: “…” The rare material that appeared on TV is only to going to be used as a grindstone for a ferret’s claws? Hello, Great God, are you sick!

Leisure Cloud: “Well, seems like we have no use for it. If I happen to find one in the future, I’ll save it for you.”

Fire thanked him, then heard Qi Tian asked: “What is this hidden charm used for?”

This time Leisure Cloud was the one to explain: “After using the hidden charm, classes that normally have to use verbal commands to activate their skills will no longer have to read the spells or mantras out loud, saying it in their heart is enough.”

‘After getting one in the demonic dungeon, I was finally able to get rid of the shameful feeling I got every time I had to say mantras out loud. (=_=)’ thought Leisure Cloud.

Hearing this, He Jin finally realized why he didn’t hear Leisure Cloud read out his spells today!

The Great Leftover: “Ah, I am a rod and club master, I don’t use spells. I can’t use this thing ah, you guys can have it.”

Fire suggested: “Keep it for Dead Water, his profession also uses verbal commands, I don’t think he has a hidden charm yet.”

Since the second box was a treasure chest, they didn’t have to continue opening the other boxes. Those boxes wouldn’t drop anything but strange monsters, so they destroyed it all and continued to the next level.

Twig Fence suddenly asked sullenly: “If I gave the correct answer before, what would’ve happened to the Witty Monster? Would it disappear?”

Nine Hall His Highness: “Hahaha, you are so naïve, how could it just disappear. The monster would continue to ask you questions, anything brain-stimulating, be it about ancient poetry, or even challenging you to chess…”

He Jin and Hou Dongyan were speechless. No wonder Fire and the gang just right out killed it, turned out they had no patience to answer the monster’s numerous questions ah!

Twig Fence stopped walking and voiced out the doubt that was also plaguing the two other men: “Then why did you still wait for me to answer the question, why didn’t you just kill it?”

Wild Crane answered: “The Captain wanted you to experience it. Isn’t that right, Ruthless?”

Fire: “Yeah.”

He Jin and Hou Dongyan: “……”

Twig Fence continued to express his displeasure, “I’m leaving! You guys are really not nice!” Especially the first-ranked Captain, who looked so serious yet was the first one to suggest him to open the box!

In his heart, Hou Dongyan was nodding in approval at Twig Fence’s evaluation. Unexpectedly, the Great Gods are so naughty inside!

Twig Fence suddenly grinned “hehe”, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, “But I like it…”

Hou Dongyan: “Hey hey…”

For once, Nine Hall His Highness appeared to be in agreement with Twig Fence. He patted the boy’s shoulder and said, ”Like to learn is a good trait.”

Fire objected: “Don’t learn from us, learning from your master is enough. Among us, he is the one who has cultivated the art of playing dirty to perfection .”

Twig Fence: “…”

Just like any other dungeons, this “treasure hunt” dungeon also had a final boss. The boss would appear in the final level, which was, at the eighth trapezoidal space as shown on the bagua map.

When they arrived in the last room, there was only one treasure chest inside. However this treasure chest was several times bigger than the previous boxes, almost half as tall as an adult man!

Nine Hall His Highness and the others approached the box, but just as they were going to pick an unlucky person to open the box, Fire suddenly said: “Ah Jin, you do it.”

Everyone: “…”

Except for Twig Fence and Hou Dongyan, the rest of the team looked doubtfully at Fire, as if asking ‘Are you sure?’

Fire changed Ah Jin back to his human form then patted his back: “Go.”

Everyone sighed and shook their heads. This man will actually let his wife walk to her death, Ruthless ah Ruthless, you are really too heartless ~ ~ ~

He Jin was also a little puzzled. Seeing the others’ expression, he was sure that there must be a monster inside! Don’t look at its big size, maybe instead of treasures, he’d find the boss!

He Jin was right, inside the box was the final boss. But there was no use in knowing this because the moment he opened the box, the monster boss inside directly sent out a deadly trick to the player who opened the box, instantly killing him!

And so, He Jin died in just 10 seconds. He then changed back to his ferret form … This corpse form orz…

Only Twig Fence fell to the ground when He Jin died, dramatically shouting: “Ah Jin!”

However, soon after He Jin died, the arrogant boss that had just jumped out of the box actually followed suit! Yes, its blood bar had fallen to the bottom. He Jin was then resurrected, a golden red package under his feet – the reward from the boss’s death!

He Jin had no idea what just happened… A life for a life? And then Fire instantly resurrected him?

The team was stunned: “What’s going on here?”

Fire shared the reason for their win on the team channel: “Husband and Wife’s Taking Revenge and Wiping Out a Grudge coupon.”

The team aimed their sight on the item, prompting the information of the coupon to emerge – [Special Items. The use of the coupon: killing the enemy who killed the coupon owner’s partner in an instant. Can only take effect in the immediate death of the partner.]

“I was experimenting on the usefulness of this thing,” explained Fire.

Everyone: “…” Sure enough, this guy is someone who can never neglect flaunting his love ah! (=_=)

Wild Crane asked with envy: “Where did you get that?”

Fire: “Secret.”

Everyone: “…”

He Jin’s face darkened. It was the reward from one of the husband and wife’s missions. There were only two in total, one for Fire and one for him. He didn’t think Fire would use it so casually… But then again, seemed like using it on the boss was also worthwhile.

Seeing that the boss had fallen, everyone was happy. They hurriedly touched the dropped package, their mind completely free of burden!

On the world channel once again flashed a news about their team’s accomplishment in clearing the dungeon, as well as the good things they obtained. Twig Fence was lucky enough to get a spiritual beast potential upgrade scroll. He thought back to the time he killed the Bamboo Demon with Ah Jin, back then Ah Jin let him have the dropped potential upgrade scroll, so now he generously gave the one he got to Ah Jin.

He Jin: “Why are you giving it to me?”

Twig Fence said in a mysterious tone, “This is a really good stuff for spiritual pets like us. Take it, don’t just give it away when someone asks you for it!”

He Jin understood what Twig Fence meant and laughed, “It doesn’t matter ah, we can always get it again.”

“This thing is very difficult to obtain! Here, I’m giving this to you. Hurry and use it, your potential stars will increase then!” Twig Fence said earnestly, then he patted his own bag and said boldly, “And your master has also given me a lot of gems!”

He Jin: “…” using “husband” is better moral integrity-wise than “master” dammit! (=_=)


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  1. I really feel like Ruthless’ personality twisted after he grew up…black bellied…jdjjdu poor Ah Jin his husband is a total S lol

    A grindstone for his claws…an S that pampers …

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  2. Fire “hmm” -ed and said, “When the time comes, I want to use it as a grindstone for Ah Jin’s claws.”

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