WFYO 065

WFYO 065


065. Treasure Hunt Dungeon

Wild Crane also couldn’t help but smile wryly: “Where did Dead Water find this baby, how come he doesn’t understand anything?” 

At the same time, He Jin who also didn’t understand anything was very glad that he used silence to cover up his ignorance … He had also thought the old man was a player.  (=_=)

The depressed Twig Fence tried to defend himself, “It’s my first time in this dungeon, how would I know!”

The healer Leisure Cloud cast a spell to treat the NPC old man, then asked Twig Fence with a smile, “How long have you been playing this game?”

Twig Fence: “Hmm, a week before the holographic release? Almost 15 days.”

Nine Hall His Highness asked, “15 days? You’ve never played before that?”

Twig Fence: “Yes, I only began once the holiday started. The helmet was also received only two days ago, it took three days to transport it from the mainland.”

Everyone was surprised. In that case, this kid’s upgrade speed was simply too fast! He Jin remembered that he only reached level 29 after playing with Fire for two or three months. However, the upgrade speed of spirit characters was really slow in Spirit Fairy era, it only became much faster after the game’s revision.

Nine Hall His Highness laughed, “Then your luck is really good, meeting Water elder brother after playing only a few days.”

At that moment, the NPC old man climbed to his feet. He glanced at them, then said with trembling voice, “Young people, you coming here, is it to hunt for treasures? But this valley is dangerous, really mysterious, you might experience a narrow escape from death… As a thank you for healing me, I have a treasure map for you. Whether you can find the treasure, or come out alive, it all depends on your own actions… ”

Twig Fence: “Wait a minute, a narrow escape from death? What this old man said sounds so dangerous!”

“You just stay close to Nine, as long as you don’t run around, you won’t die.” Fire told him while taking the map from the NPC’s hand.

Twig Fence: “What if I still die?”

Fire: “Then go back and tell your master, he will help you take revenge on him.”

Twig Fence: “OK.”

Nine Hall His Highness: “…” Damn you!

Fire opened the treasure map and instantly the map’s content appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The shape looked a bit like an octagon, with several flashing red dots inside the graph.

“It’s a topography of Bagua,[1]”explained Fire. “Everyone, follow me carefully, it’s easy to get lost with this map.”

Nine Hall His Highness heaved a sigh, saying to Twig Fence: “You hear it, follow carefully!” Twig Fence replied by sticking out his tongue at him.

Nine Hall His Highness: “…”

As they continued to walk, Fire turned He Jin into a ferret because his movement and response speed was faster in ferret form. Everyone was accustomed to this, Twig Fence and The Great Leftover were the only ones showing a surprised expression. Hou Dongyan, of course, knew that He Jin was Fire’s spiritual pet, but this was his first time seeing He Jin changed form under Fire’s command. As for Twig Fence, the sudden appearance of the little meng attracted his interest a great deal…

“Wow! Ah Jin, your prototype is so cute!” He tried to touch the white animal, but Fire had uttered the word “intimacy” first. In front of these people, He Jin instantly spread out his four paws and began climbing up to Fire’s neck, then he continued by rubbing himself against the man…

The Great Leftover: Help! My eyes! Jin Ge how can you be so shameless ah! (/口\)

He Jin, whose soul had long evevaporated into smoke, didn’t even try to explain.

Twig Fence fell into surprised silence for a moment, before suddenly reacting, “Eh, Ah Jin, your husband is also your master? How did this happen?”

Fire: “First go eat a transformation dan, then turn into a girl. After that you can bring your master to marry.”

*blush* Twig Fence’s face turned a bit red…

The Great Leftover: Did Jin Ge initially tricked the Great God to be his husband? (=_=)

After entering the secret passage, a trapezoid space appeared in front of them, just like what was shown in the bagua map. However, this space was very large and empty; it’s giving He Jin a strange feeling. There were a few dusty boxes piled in the corner, one of them was a gray box.

“Ah! There’s a treasure chest!” Twig Fence’s attention was also attracted by the box. He couldn’t wait to get it.

Nine Hall His Highness shouted, “Be careful of traps!”

Too late, Twig Fence had rushed out two meters away. His only warning was a “swoosh” sound, before out of nowhere, a dark arrow shot through the air and stabbed him. Twig Fence fell to the ground with an arrow in his knee. But he wasn’t the only target. At that moment, dark arrows were shooting all over the place.

He Jin was unaware of the situation, as he was still busy rubbing himself against Fire. Since his size and vision were currently those of a ferret’s, he simply felt out of breath when he was suddenly pulled and squeezed tight into Fire’s bosom.

After the rush of dark arrows stopped, they finally got up. Nine Hall His Highness grabbed the troublemaker boy by his collar and scolded, “We told you not to wander around!”

Twif Fence fell back on the ground, silently lowering his head. He pulled out the arrow in his knee and saw that half his health bar had dropped. His face was full of grievance… He wanted to change into a panda, he could move much faster in panda form.  Ah, why was his master not here now? TAT

Wild Crane laughed: “I suppose it must be the result of greed, your eyes turned wide open when you caught sight of the treasure box!”

Leisure Cloud hurriedly cast a spell to return Twig Fence’s blood bar back to full, all the while comforting him, “It’s fine, this is your first time, so not knowing things is very normal.”

Wild Crane: “Yes, when my brother and I played this map for the first time, we also triggered a trap here and fell dead instantly. You are lucky, you only got down with an arrow in the knee.”

Twig Fence felt like crying…

Fire then told them, “Look at the top of your head, follow the route according to the guidance above.”

He Jin looked up, and sure enough, he could see a fluorescent-colored route leading to the treasure chest painted on the stone wall above their head. They lined up in a row with Twig Fence pushed to the middle position. Because of his misfortune before, he was a lot more careful now.

Before arriving at the treasure chest, Hou Dongyan had actively begun to analyze which box was most likely to contain treasures. He and his friends were always so careful in this stage every time they entered this dungeon. Otherwise, if their luck was bad, they might open a box with some strange monsters inside. How tragic would that be.

However, Fire directly commanded, “Twig Fence, don’t move. The rest, open the boxes.”

Hou Dongyan: “…” (O __ O)

Eight boxes, with seven of them containing strange monsters that would attack the person opening the box. If  Hou Dongyan’s usual team were to encounter such a situation, they’d be destroyed for sure. But these people actually took on two enemies each, cutting and killing the monsters like they were mere vegetables. Even He Jin managed to use his flexibility to kill one!

……Really is the team of the Great God, the strength cannot be underestimated ah!

The real treasure chest contained three low-order gems that could be used to increase a weapon’s properties: amethyst, garnet, and smoky crystals. Unlike the rewards gained from killing monsters, the treasures from the chest were distributed by the captain. He gave the amethyst and smoky crystals to Hou Dongyan.

Feeling embarrassed, Hou Dongyan asked: “Why are you giving these to me, what about the others?”

Leisure Cloud explained: “The stones on our gears are complete, so we can’t use these gems.”

Wild Crane: “Yeah, we are mainly here to accompany you. Except for the new skills rolls that become available only after holographic version, the other rewards are for you.”

Hou Dongyan was moved. Even if they had no use for these stones, they still could’ve sold it for hundreds or even thousands of gold. As expected, the great gods are local tyrants[2] ah…

The last stone, the garnet crystal which function was to give an additional boost to strength, was given to Twig Fence. Fire said, “Show this stone to your master, he will teach you how to use it.”

“OK!” Twig Fence happily answered.

After all the treasure chests were opened, the space would automatically reveal a passage to the next chamber. This time they no longer need to look out for traps and went in directly. After all of them were inside, the passage immediately closed. They were currently in a confined small space, Hou Dongyan remembered this place and cried out: “We have to climb the stairs!”

“Ah? Climbing what stairs?” Wild Crane wondered.

The Great Leftover: “Isn’t there a long staircase here that we have to climb to reach the other room?”

Wild Crane: “No need for that…”

Nine Hall His Highness: “We can directly open the wall.”

Hou Dongyan: “…” (O口O)

After saying this, the group simultaneously put out attack skills against the wall. The wall wouldn’t fight back, but its health bar was thick. However, the opponents were big gods with full or almost full-level characters. Not even a minute later, the wall fell, leaving a gleaming package on the ground!

Hou Dongyan was ashamed, turned out this wall was a strange one ah! To think that previously he and his teammates had to climb the wall for 10 minutes to search for the treasure chest… Hou Dongyan felt extreme pain in his heart… Were they really playing the same game as the gods? TAT

This time all of them could pick up the package, but there was nothing unusual inside, only equipment that could be used at level seventy or eighty.

After the wall was opened, the room in which the treasure chest was placed appeared in front of them. They did the same thing as before: opened all the boxes, then fought all the strange monsters. In the end, they easily got four jewels, a cookbook, plus a best-quality rod weapon that was normally used by experts. Fire rewarded this treasure to Hou Dongyan to replace his old one, leaving him feeling even more grateful.

After that, the third, fourth, and fifth chambers were all passed effortlessly. The more difficult the chamber, the higher the level of box monsters they had to fight. However, in the eyes of these big gods, it wasn’t even worth mentioning. Before this, Hou Dongyan was only ever able to go up to the fifth chamber, and even then the gems and equipment they gained were enough to leave them feeling joyful for the rest of the night. But now, he unexpectedly had the chance to go to the sixth chamber!

Hahaha, he thought excitedly, I’m going to show off to them once I go back…

Entering the sixth room, as they approached the treasure chest, Fire suddenly said: “You have yet to open a box, you can open one now.”

Twig Fence: “Is it fine?”

Fire: “It’s fine, you have us here.”

Yes, they had Leisure Cloud, so even if they died, they could just be resurrected. Initially, Twig Fence glanced at all of them in envy for not having to die, but after hearing Fire’s words, he hurriedly rushed forward to open one of the boxes. Maybe this one is the real treasure chest!

The box was not heavy, it was also easy to open. Suddenly, a monster sprang out from inside the box, startling Twig Fence. He instinctively wanted to dodge, but stopped as he heard the monster spoke: “Witty boy ah, let me test you.  One yuan for a bottle of soda, then after drinking, two empty bottles can be exchanged for a bottle of soda. Now answer me, if you have 20 yuan, how many bottles of soda can you get?”

Twig Fence and He Jin, the duo who had never seen this kind of ‘box monster’ before, were clueless.

Twig Fence was also stunned. With a jerk, he hurriedly raised his fingers to count. He Jin also did his own calculation. It should be 40? Is Twig Fence the only one that can give an answer?

Twig Fence did not ask any of them for help. After counting, he answered confidently: “36!”

Witty Monster: “Your answer is wrong! Look at the trick!”

Everyone: “…”

However, before the monster had any chance to do trick attacks, it was already surrounded by Fire, Nine Hall His Highness and the gang. Thus, problem solved in a matter of seconds.

“You, you stupid…” the dying Wit Monster whispered to Twig Fence, squatting on the ground with a hand over its chest, “the answer is… forty!” Then with a mouthful splash of blood, the monster died.

Twig Fence bristled: “Fuck! This monster was mocking me!”

Hou Dongyan, who also got the wrong answer in his heart, sighed. Fortunately he did not take the initiative to flaunt his stupidity, otherwise he would’ve been the target of the monster’s mockery.



[1] Bagua = a Chinese religious motif incorporating the eight trigrams of the I Ching, typically arranged octagonally around a symbol denoting the balance of yin and yang, or around a mirror. This is commonly used in Feng Shui, something like this:


Please don’t ask how does this translate into a treasure map, I’m just as clueless as you.

[2] Local tyrant= a rich and powerful person


On another note, the reposter’s account is gone. Maybe it got taken down or the owner deleted it himself, either way problem solved. At least for now.  I’m not the type to punish a whole group for the mistake of one, so here, a chapter to celebrate \0/

But seriously, stop reposting my works. I also have a limit to my patience.

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59 thoughts on “WFYO 065

  1. “One yuan for a bottle of soda, then after drinking, two empty bottles can be exchanged for a bottle of soda. Now answer me, if you have 20 yuan, how many bottles of soda can you get?”

    • 20 yuan = 20 bottles
    • 20 empty bottles after drinking (ebad) = 10 more bottles
    • 10 ebad = 5 more bottles
    • 5 ebad = 2 more + 1 excess ebad
    • 2 ebad = 1 more
    Adding them all, 20+10+5+2+1=38 bottles. How come it’s 40? Or is it my solution? LOL.

    Liked by 14 people

      1. Translator-sama, you forgot that 1 excess empty bottle from 5 empty bottles can still be combined with soda-full bottle you will receive from exchanging 4 empty bottles out of 5.
        When you do that, calculation will become 20+10+5+2+1 (excess)+1(can be combined with excess ebad to exchange again)+1(soda full bottle as result of final exchange)=40 bottles.

        Liked by 5 people

      2. Translator-sama, I’m not sure which one you forgot. There should be three 1s in the calculation.

        • 20 ebad = 10 more bottles (Total – 30)
        • 10 ebad = 5 more bottles (Total – 35)
        • 5 ebad = 2 more + “1” excess ebad (Total – 37 + “1” excess = 38)
        • 2 ebad = *1* more (Total – 39)
        Here, you have “1” and *1* in your hands which are not exchanged yet.
        You exchange them for final °1° soda bottle. (Total – 40)
        Calculation will be 20+10+5+2+”1″+*1*+°1°=40

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    1. Oh damn I guess I wasn’t the only one LOLLL I literally spent forever trying to figure this out. I went as far as cutting paper to count :’D. Spent the longest time recounting thinking my math was rusty

      Liked by 5 people

    2. curious1, you forgot the 1 excess ebad. That excess ebad and the final ebad can still be exchanged for 1 more soda bottle.
      The addition should be 20+10+5+2+1 (excess)+1(can be combined with excess ebad to exchange again)+1(soda full bottle as result of final exchange)=40 bottles.

      I was also wondering if we are supposed to count in the empty bottles which are already given away for exchange. My logic is that 20 original bottles should not be counted in the calculation after you received 10 new bottles because you can only receive 10 new bottles after giving away the 20 empty bottles for exchange. If we follow my logic, the only remaining bottle is 1 (by exchanging 2 empty bottles in final exchange).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yeah forgot that one, but this will only result to 39 bottles bc (i’ll copy the solution from below) 20+10+5+2(+1/2 ebad)+1 +(+1/2ebad)=39 bottles.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No. curious1 is right.
        idk how you got the answer 40. Even mathematically its 39. 1 + 2(n-1) = 2n-1. n in the number of bottles you start out with. Even another site I saw gave this equation N+b( ((N-a)/(a-b))+1) N being number of bottles you start out with. a= numbers of bottles you need to exchange aka 2. and b being the number of bottles you get from one exchange aka 1. Using that equation you still get 39. Now those are the equations I have found when I looked up similar math story problems/ riddles.

        Now if you physically do this which I have with cut out paper representing bottles the answer is still 39. that one extra you talk about makes it 39 not 40. even if we talk about logic. You can’t possibly end up with an even number since the exchange is always give 2 get 1 deal now that I think about it. Because you have to always give 2 bottles to get one full bottle. so no matter what you have always given an integer of 2 back ( even number). Thus the remaining one is left with you which can no longer be exchanged one you include the one then it becomes an odd number.

        Now your logic makes sense if they asked how many bottles you have left which is 1. However, the question was how many bottles can you get which includes the exchanged bottles. the original 20 are still bottles you’ve gotten and so are the exchanged bottles.

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    3. curious1

      • 20 ebad = 10 more bottles (Total – 30)
      • 10 ebad = 5 more bottles (Total – 35)
      • 5 ebad = 2 more + “1” excess ebad (Total – 37 + “1” excess = 38)
      • 2 ebad = *1* more (Total – 39)
      Here, you have “1” and *1* in your hands which are not exchanged yet.
      You exchange them for final °1° soda bottle. (Total – 40)
      Calculation will be 20+10+5+2+”1″+*1*+°1°=40

      You cannot count the excess ebad as 1/2 because you did receive it before returning it. It is the same as 20, 10, 5 and 4 bottles which you also returned. If you want to count 20, 10, 5 and 4 bottles in your calculation, you have to count the excess ebad as 1 instead of 1/2.

      As I mentioned in my original comment, the answer should be 1 soda-full bottle if you don’t want to count the ebads as every ebad was returned and no longer with you.


      1. Unfortunately, we only count the FULL soda bottle from two ebad. In your explanation, you counted the excess one empty bottle as one FULL soda bottle which is technically, wrong.

        The real deal was the comment of Jellol, with the equation and all. That was also what I’m looking for – the possible equation. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

    4. Since we had 20 yuan:

      2yuan = 2 bottle + 1 extra
      Using extra with 1 yuan each:
      1 extra + 1 yuan = 2 bottle + 1 extra
      Multiplied by 18 times
      18 extras + 18 yuan = 36 bottle + 1 extra (since this extra was carried forward each time except for the last on gained)

      So, total bottle: 2 bottle + 1 extra (original) + 36 bottle + 1 extra (from sequencial after that) = 40 bottles in total they got. I think


  2. Okay no…. I’m feeling so stupid right now beyond belief. I can’t for the life of me see how you get 40 as the answer. No matter how I approach this answer I get 39. “One yuan for a bottle of soda, then after drinking, two empty bottles can be exchanged for a bottle of soda. Now answer me, if you have 20 yuan, how many bottles of soda can you get?”
    okay so I spent 20 yuan I get 20 bottles.
    I exchange 20 for 10 more bottles. (drank 20)
    I exchange those 10 for 5 more. (drank 30 cause 20+10=30)
    5 Is uneven so I exchange 4 for 2 more bottles (20+10+4 =34)
    I have total of 3 bottles now but I exchange 2 for 1 more(20+10+4+2 =36)
    I have 2 bottles drank it and exchange for 1 (20+10+4+2+2=38)
    I have one last bottle but cant exchange it anymore (38+1=39)
    I’m so lost I must be missing something.

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  3. “Suddenly, a monster sprang out from inside the box, stsrtling Twig Fencehe.” = startling Twig Fence

    “it was already surrounded by Fire, Nine Hall His Highness and the ganf.” = and the gang

    That’s all I found.

    Lol, I suck at math, I didn’t even try solving this, just accepted whatever these characters believed the answer to be (⌒▽⌒)

    Thanks for the chapter! 😘

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  4. Thank you so much for the chapter ❤

    I can't believe people are so thick skinned as to officially steal someone else heard work… Really shameless…

    Waiting for some "real life" romance 😀 face to face interactions ❤

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  5. He Jin actually killed one when the team was attacking~ yay~

    I also got 39 and I even drew up a diagram. For what you drink: 20 to begin with, then 10, then 5, then 2, then 1, then 1 = 39. poor guy though, it’s a tough problem regardless of the answer and he’s just a teenager, don’t yell at him for getting it wrong T_T

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    1. Problem is that the monster got it wrong too lol:

      Question: “Witty boy ah, let me test you. One yuan for a bottle of soda, then after drinking, two empty bottles can be exchanged for a bottle of soda. Now answer me, if you have 20 yuan, how many bottles of soda can you get?”

      Supposed Answer: “You, you stupid…” the dying Wit Monster whispered to Twig Fence, squatting on the ground with a hand over its chest, “the answer is… forty!”

      But like everyone was saying…

      First you buy 20 bottles of soda.

      (2 empty for 1 full exchange rate [20E = 10F])
      Using the exchange rate you get another 10 bottles of soda

      (2 empty for 1 full exchange rate [10E = 5F])
      Using the exchange rate you get another 5 bottles of soda

      (2 empty for 1 full exchange rate [5E = 2F 1E])
      Using the exchange rate you get another 2 bottles of soda

      (2 empty for 1 full exchange rate [3E = 1F 1E])
      Using the exchange rate you get another 1 bottle of soda

      (2 empty for 1 full exchange rate [2E = 1F)
      Using the exchange rate you get another 1 bottle of soda

      (2 empty for 1 full exchange rate [1E = 0F])
      Using the exchange rate you get another 0 bottles of soda (and 1 lone empty bottle)

      Totaling the exchanged bottles of soda [20+10+5+2+1+1+0] = 39

      Though I guess it could be seen as 39.5 bottles of soda which can be rounded up to 40 bottles?

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  6. Aaaaa syukurlaaa udah ditarik ayy,😍😍

    Dann makasih udah apdetttt. Ahkkkk gemesss sama si dedek panda…wkwkwk
    Semakinnn penasarannnn dengan hubungan mereka semua… #guling guling

    Ditunggu kelnjutannya ayyy…semunguttttt 😘😘

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  7. Yey!!! That’s good news. Anyway thanks for the update. I really want to play MOBA again because of this. Miss playing online. I really like how detailed the author is. 🤗

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  8. Thanks for the chapter! You guys actually bothered calculating. I read the first line & my mind went automatically on commercial break while I skipped to the end of it. 😏 & I feel even better for it after reading the comments section & reading about the poor M people actually trying. To me the answer was directly “who cares about the question, the kid will get it wrong & will get his assed saved, probably in a comedic way”. Turns out, I was right on this one, no math needed. 😂

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  9. the solution of the soda problem is actually not right but not wrong either look at it from a very common maths question example

    you take a number and half of the number and make a chain of just half of the previous number

    so, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16… on and eventually 1/n

    the thing is that when you add them all together you’ll eventually reach very very very close to two. which most people could simplify to two.

    but its a soda can so you cant exactly half or quarter it ya know? so if you’re only counting whole number it should be 39 ;w;

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  10. I love how everyone’s commenting down their solutions to the 40 bottles thing 😂😂😂 but my first answer was 30 (it didnt occur to me you can return the given ones) so my answer was worse than twig fence orz
    thank you for translating this chapter!! the whole chapter and comments definitely made my day lol

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  11. Thank you for the update.. I’m very bad at math & numbers in general, and even more so if I have to solve a problem without a pencil & paper to write the formula. So I also feel bad at Twig. If I was the one being asked by the monster, I might be looking back at my teammates and demand answer from them. 🤣🤣
    Anyway, the reposter account that got deleted might be because of several reports at almost the same time that even Wattpad’s team couldn’t ignore it, since I don’t believe he has the conscience or even good thoughts in deleting the repost stories (or even his own account). He’s too shameless to do that.

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  12. Whoaa, such a speedy update! Thank you so much! 💕
    The stats gap between a normal player and Great God in an RPG game is always as big as the Milky Way, I’m feeling bad together with Hou Dongyan QAQ
    I’m glad I’m not the only one trying (and failing) to solve the quiz though, I got 39 too, or 39.5 if the monster is kind enough to let you exchange for half a bottle hahah

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    Translator-sama, glad now is okay. Hope no more knuckleheads will do that…

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    The math fried my brain…gotta admire Twig Fence for even trying to do the math without paper and pen and just with fingers. But I get the sense Fire’s play style is more along the lines of cutting the gordian knot anyway, like how they destroyed that poor wall earlier.:’D

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  15. Thanks for the update. I wrote a long comment to the other article but it’s gone with that. I don’t even know if arrived to you or not. In the case please excuse my english mistakes. Nevermind. Thanks for the update again

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